Having It All (Cover Stories)

Actress Candice Bergen leads a life that Murphy Brown could envy

Sitcom Politics (Cover Stories)

As Murphy Brown prepares to zap Dan Quayle, TV draws fire for its 'liberal bias.' Do the charges have merit?


A Legacy of Contempt (Intelligence)

As a former CIA officer awaits retrial, his case tells a cautionary tale about the agency's responsibilities to Congress

Four Days in Hell (The Week: Nation)

A kidnapper pleads guilty to the brutal $18 million Exxon extortion scheme

Getting Down To Business (The Week: Nation)

At last the race is focusing in on an issue voters care about: the economy

No Miracles Yet (The U.S. Campaign)

The organization is tighter, the decisions come quicker, but Baker is still struggling to inject a much needed jolt into Bush's re-election campaign

Remember Ross? (Politics)

The avowed noncandidate tantalizes supporters and worries rivals with hints of an October surprise


Lose Some, Win Some (The Week World)

Yeltsin gives Tokyo the cold shoulder but warms up to Taipei

Some Land for Peace (The Week World)

Israel signals that it is ready to make a territorial deal with Syria

Violence In Ciskei (The Week World)

Another South African bloodbath may force De Klerk and the A.N.C. to talk



Now It's Iron (The Week Health & Science)

Too much of the metal could be a major factor in heart attacks

Transplant Trials (The Week Health & Science)

The baboon liver did fine, it turns out. But the patient, now dead, had the AIDS virus


A League of Their Own (The Week: Society)

Baseball's bosses are back in charge after Fay Vincent resigns

A Savage Story

Suburbia is not immune to the ugliest crimes, like this mother's death in a carjacking

Play of The Week ! (The Week: Society)

A jury leaves N.F.L. players licking their chops, owners their wounds

Revenge of the Orphans (The Week: Society)

Jerry Lewis fends off attacks from the disabled folks he has tried to serve



Pride Of Ownership (Disputes)

In a bid to regain the Kurile Islands, Japan dangles an economic lure, but Moscow is stymied by nationalists who cling to every last Soviet outpost

Keep The Change (The Week: Society)

Automated toll systems promise to save time and money while reducing congestion and accidents


Self-Cloning (The Week: Business / Et Cetera)


Families And Work (The Week: Business)

Top companies launch a dependent-care program for employees

Muscle Card (The Week: Business)

GM rolls out a fancy new credit card to help rebuild its auto sales



Art: The Poker-Faced Enchanter (Art)

A retrospective of Rene Magritte proves that the great Belgian Surrealist's mind-wrenching visual puns and paradoxes still slice cleanly


The Joy of Being Whoopi Goldberg (Profile)

With a new movie and her own TV talk show starting this week, actor-comic Whoopi Goldberg has left the welfare rolls far behind