A Chronic Case of Impotence (Cover Stories)

The U.S., Europe and the U.N. have imposed sanctions, but they don't stand much chance of stopping Serbia's war

Land of Slaughter (Cover Stories)

Serbia's dream of dominance has soaked in blood the republics of what was once Yugoslavia. The U.S. and Europe can no longer look away.


Clinton's Forgotten Childhood (The Campaign)

Quick to recall the tiniest detail on dozens of issues, the Democratic candidate for years suppressed memories of a violent stepfather. To understand his upbringing is to understand the man he is toda

Did Bush Create This Monster? (U.S. Policy)

The President courted Saddam Hussein longer than he should have, but Democrats aren't making it a campaign issue


Fear And Famine (The Week World)

Refugees from warring neighbors are pouring into Kenya for succor

Send 'Em Back! (Refugees)

Washington says that U.S. doors are still open, but Haitian refugees are not its kind of huddled masses

The Generals Hold On (The Week World)

Thailand's military loses a battle but is not ready to retreat



Ten-Minute Aids (The Week Health & Science)

Test A new FDA-approved assay cuts out the agony of waiting for an answer

Ultra Think Fast (Health)

Smart drugs and think drinks promise to brighten your personality, boost your brain and jump-start your sex drive, but truly smart consumers will be wary


A Summit on Women (The Week: Society)

The Pope holds fast against ordaining female members of the clergy

Deadly Triangles (The Week: Society)

Fate -- and the law -- catches up with three real-life Medeas

Goodbye, Eli (The Week: Society)

Yale's president bails out to join a new experimental education project


Dial D for Democracy

When the necessary technology is in place, an electronic town meeting as envisioned by Ross Perot could work. But is it a good idea?


Look Out, L.L. Bean (The Week: Business)

Mail-order houses keep dodging tax-hungry state legislators

Save Me a Cheap Seat (The Week: Business)

The troubled airline industry dissolves into an all-out fare war


Knowledge for Sale

Media mogul Chris Whittle gets a prestigious educator to head his controversial Edison Project. But can the venture help solve | the problems facing America's public schools?


Why Shows Live or Die (Television)

The fall schedules reveal that new rules are guiding the networks as they compete more fiercely for a shrinking audience. But is the viewer benefiting?


Mr. Smith Leaves Washington (Interview)

Three members of Congress who decided not to seek re-election explain why they grew disillusioned -- and how to change a stalemated system

Paul At Fifty: PAUL MCCARTNEY (Profile)

Bloody hell! That makes me old! says Paul McCartney, with a laugh and a wink. So use me as a gauge and thank you very much for noticing me.