Palm Beach Trial

The Case That Was Not Heard The prosecution had strong evidence against William Smith but could not use it in court

Welfare Cutting the Costs

California's Pete Wilson offers a sweeping plan to slash payments and change the behavior of the poor


I Want to Stay the Course

In an exclusive interview, a determined Gorbachev shows he is not ready to disappear gently into the pages of history

The End Of the U.S.S.R. (Cover Stories)

Emboldened by their success in seizing independence, the republics have pronounced Mikhail Gorbachev's union dead and patched together a new, loosely knit commonwealth. But do they know how to build s

Despair in The Barracks

The Soviet military is beginning to fall apart -- even if the new commonwealth wants to keep it unified

European Community: Blueprint for the Dream

In a historic compromise, the Twelve -- despite Britain's caution -- reinforce their economic and political ties as they chart the E.C. course for the rest of the century


A Lesson in Compassion (Medicine)

What's it like to be a patient? For more and more aspiring doctors, there's only one way to find out.

A Patch of Hope for Smokers (Health)

Doctors will soon begin prescribing a new nicotine device that can help people stay off cigarettes for good



Tools With Intelligence

A new wave of do-it-yourself gadgets brings the benefits of the computer age to those who are handy around the house




Laying Siege to Seniority

Faced with dismal school performance and tight budgets, politicians are reneging on the idea of teacher tenure


American Myth 101 (Books)

In a provocative book, historian Michael Kammen explores how Americans reinvent their past to fit the present

Plunging into The Labyrinth (Cinema)

Feisty filmmaker Oliver Stone counters criticisms of the conspiracy theory and cover-up scenario in his tsunami wave of a movie, JFK

Oliver Stone: Who Killed J.F.K.? (Cinema)

In an electrifying and troubling new film, Oliver Stone and Kevin Costner reheat the controversy about the Kennedy assassination


Free Speech Is Life Itself: SALMAN RUSHDIE (Interview)

On a clandestine visit to the U.S., his first since he was sentenced to death by Khomeini for writing The Satanic Verses, SALMAN RUSHDIE pleads not to be forgotten