'We have our story to tell' (Features / Nation)

The Secretary of State spoke with TIME's Rick Stengel on a flight from Oman to Afghanistan on Oct. 19


Five Things JFK Could Teach Obama (Nation)

To restart his presidency, Obama needs to ask for help, reconnect with his party and tap into the can-do resilience of the American people

Virus Hunter (Science)

Nathan Wolfe has a mission: to prevent new pathogens from making the jump from animals to humans--and stop the next deadly pandemic before it starts

When Panic Goes Viral (Science)

Why the social response to a pandemic is as important as the medical effort



Why Care About the Euro? (The Curious Capitalist)

Because if the European dream fails, the American one takes a hit too


India's Leading Export: CEOs (Management)

Multicultural and resource-short, the subcontinent may be the ideal training ground for global bosses

Al-Jazeera's Spring (Game Changer)

Al Anstey is harnessing U.S. interest in Arab unrest to broaden the network's reach


Outside Office Hours (Profile)

Mindy Kaling is an author, a power shopper, an aspiring show runner and a "happy nerd"

Rough Magic (Books)

Joan Didion faces her daughter's death, and her own

Shooting to Kill (Tuned In)

As a tyrant falls, images of his corpse become virtual trophies