The Real Lesson of the Tucson Tragedy (Cover)

On Jan. 8, a man at war with "normal" unleashed other forces also at war with normal, people who are turning our politics into a freak show for their own cynical or sanctimonious reasons

The Troubled Life of Jared Loughner (The Tucson Tragedy)

Suspect Jared Loughner seems to have broken with reality before the Tucson shootings. But did political rhetoric push him over the edge? Psychological research shows that's highly unlikely

Are We Becoming An Uncivil Society? (The Tucson Tragedy)

The debate about charged political rhetoric preceded the tragedy in Tucson — and then was revived by it. TIME posed the question above to leaders and thinkers on the right and left. Here are their responses

New Ways to Think About Grief (Society)

As the nation mourns those killed in Tucson, a new look at the science of loss shows we're more resilient than we thought


Point: Arms and the Unbalanced (Commentary / In the Arena)

Heated rhetoric doesn't help, but the real need is to reassess policy on guns and the mentally ill

The Mess Manifesto (Commentary)

Why we need to stop worrying and learn to love digital disorder




10 Questions for Jimmy Wales (10 Questions)

The Wikipedia founder celebrates his website's 10th anniversary Jan. 15. Jimmy Wales will now take your questions


After Tucson

The shootings in Arizona have prompted a national conversation on guns, mental illness and the state of our political discourse



The Skimmer

Book review: Alone Together by Sherry Turkle