Palin in Progress: What Does She Want? (Cover)

Is Sarah Palin running for President? Or to be America's leading conservative celebrity? The former Alaska governor spent most of 2010 having it both ways. How long will she keep everyone guessing?

Sarah Palin's Crew

Palin oversees an unusual galaxy of conservative aides and advisers spread out from Anchorage to England. Most worked for McCain or Bush. Each is dispensable — except the First Dude


The Year of the Leak (Commentary)

From the BP mess to the document dumps, 2010 was a year of more spills than thrills


Can He Win By Losing? (The Well / Nation)

Obama cuts a tax deal with the GOP and tries for another stimulus. Will it revive his presidency?

The Miracle Worker: Chicago Chef Grant Achatz (The Well / Profile)

After radical cooking got him three Michelin stars and tongue cancer nearly killed his sense of taste, Grant Achatz is opening a new kind of restaurant — but you'll need a ticket to get in

The Culinary Miracle Worker

Photos: The award-winning restauranteur has created a culinary laboratory at his Chicago restaurant Alinea. His dishes are not only mind-blowingly delicious, but beautiful to look at as well



The Best Of 2010 (The Best Of 2010)

In 50 wide-ranging lists, TIME surveys the highs and lows, the good and the bad, of the past 12 months




Why WikiLeaks Is Winning Its Info War (Washington)

In the spectacle of Julian Assange's asymmetrical war on government secrecy, the more he is attacked, the greater the power and reach of his movement becomes