How to Restore the American Dream (Cover)

Technology and globalization are shattering the middle class. With the midterms around the corner, the good news is that a bipartisan policy agenda can return the U.S. to prosperity. But no one says it will be easy


Guns Blazing (Commentary / The Awesome Column)

The GOP has its Young Guns. Who better than me to help the Democrats get hip?


City Centered (The Well / Viewpoint)

To double exports and create jobs, the U.S. has to invest more in its metro areas

Narcocorridos: The Balladeers of Mexico's Drug Wars (The Well / Society)

The Mexican craze for songs glorifying the violent lives (and deaths) of drug lords has crossed the border. Are narcocorridos the Latin gangsta rap?

Singing Songs of Drug Violence

Video: In America, a growing culture of music and movies glorifies Mexico's drug violence, with drug lords even demanding made-for-order songs from well-known musicians

Are Narcocorridos the Latin Gangsta Rap?

Photos: The classic Mexican ballad — amped up and updated to tell tall tales about drug kingpins — is gaining popularity both south and north of the border


Postcard from Sells, Ariz (Postcard)

With long stretches of border to keep track of, one tribe is forced to enter into an uneasy partnership. The unique dilemma of the Tohono O'odham


10 Questions for Roger Goodell (10 Questions)

The NFL commissioner on football's future and why players are wearing pink. Roger Goodell will now take your questions



Get Back (Exhibitions)

A new look at Europe after the First World War, consoling itself with dreams of antiquity

Actor-Author Michael Caine (Q&A)

Michael Caine spoke to TIME about accents, starring in the worst Jaws film and the secret of Inception


Smart Parents, Happy Kids (Time Health)

Mental health is like physical health: wise guidance from Mom and Dad can go a very long way


Learning Curve (Global Business / Education)

American universities are rushing to set up shop in India. But local entrepreneurs have the inside track

Neighboring Technologies (Global Business / Small Business)

A new smart-grid idea was born when two firms found they had common interests

This Time for Africa? (Global Business / Investment Horizon)

A continent on the rise is attracting the smart money

Business Books (Global Business)

How good are you when the heat is on? Why you crack or conquer when the going gets tough


Bank Shot (Life / Cash Crunch)

One way to get people out of check-cashing stores and into savings accounts: 2-for-1 matching contributions

Here Come the New Internet-TV Boxes (Life / Technologizer)

Watch out, cable companies: these wireless gadgets deliver movies, shows and more to the living room, starting at just $60


For GOP and Dems, Time to Manage Expectations (Washington: The Politics Page)

Both the Democrats and the Republicans are using the final days before the midterm elections to rally, goad or reassure their bases. Don't believe the hype

West Virginia (Election Preview)

A popular Democratic governor fights the Tea Party headwind

The Skimmer

Book review: The Mind's Eye by Oliver Sacks