Waiting for "Superman": A Call to Action for Our Schools (Cover)

Decades into America's fight over how to improve education, a new documentary makes a compelling case for urgent reform on behalf of kids. Why Waiting for "Superman" is not just a movie but a dispatch from a revolution

How to Recruit Better Teachers (The Well / National Service)

There aren't enough good educators to fill the toughest--and even the not-so-tough--classrooms. Pay and prestige are part of the problem. Here's a fix


Volume Control (Commentary / The Curious Capitalist)

Individual investing is down. Computer-generated trading is up. Are flash crashes the new normal?

Media Frenzy (Commentary / Downing Street Memo)

Will David Cameron's spin doctor be brought down by the tabloid culture he helped create?



Kashmir's New Warriors (World)

Their cause is not independence or union with Pakistan but the ouster of India's military from their homeland

Pakistan's Waiting Place

While Pakistan grapples with how to pick itself up from its catastrophic flooding, refugees at a camp in the town of Thatta await their fate


To Teach Is to Serve

Our fourth annual national-service issue examines the problems of public education in America — and how to fix them


Fall Entertainment Preview (Fall Preview)

The days are getting shorter, but there's still plenty to do. Take a spin through the best of the coming season


The Big Rigs Go Hybrid

A new truck system called the hydraulic hybrid shows great promise. Its prime developer? Surprise: the EPA


How the Chilean Miners Are Surviving Underground (Psychology)

The drama of 33 Chilean miners facing months of underground imprisonment is a real-time experiment in how the human mind, body and spirit adapt to such an ordeal

Inside The Mine

The 33 trapped miners have more room to move around than most people think. In addition to the main room, in which they regularly gather, they have a number of adjacent tunnels, as sketched out on a napkin, below, and sent up by one of the men


Why Do Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers? (Life / Health)

One of the most contentious issues in the vast literature about alcohol consumption has been the consistent finding that those who don't drink tend to die sooner than those who do


Meltdown Forensics (Global Business)

Some of the players are still trying to explain what happened in the crisis. So they can blame somebody else


10 Questions for James Ellroy (10 Questions)

The L.A. Confidential author has a new memoir, The Hilliker Curse. James Ellroy will now take your questions



The Skimmer

Book review: The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow