Obama's New World Order (The Well / Nation)

Obama's national-security team has talent, experience — and a tendency to disagree on major policy issues. Can it work? Keep an eye on the 6-ft. 5-in. general


After the Horror (The Well / World)

In the wake of the terrorism in Mumbai, India has no good options. Nor does the U.S.


A Blue Christmas at China's North Pole (Postcard: Dongguan)

Dongguan produces a vast amount of the toys that will end up under Christmas trees around the world. Or it did, until all the factories there started to close, leaving thousands of workers out of luck





The Princess Diaries (BOOKS)

Carrie Fisher's memoir about being famous, drunk and crazy, all at the same time


Should the 401k Be Killed? (The Well / The Curious Capitalist)

A few scholars and politicians think its time has passed. They may be right


Meet the Bitty Viddies (Life / User's Guide)

New high-definition camcorders are tiny enough to fit in your pocket. And they're (relatively) cheap too

De-Cluttering Your Mailbox (Life / Going Green)

All those catalogs and credit-card offers kill a lot of trees. But new websites can help reduce unwanted snail mail


Dying for A Drink (The Well / Environment: Planet in Peril)

Our watery world is drying up fast. There are ways to save what we've got, but we must act--and act fast


Tech Pioneers (Tech Pioneers)

Grass to gas, antibody "kits," smart pills — this year's crop of WEF Tech Pioneers could change our lives

Virent (Global Business / Tech Pioneers)

It's turning biomass into gasoline. How quickly can it scale up?

NovaTorque (Global Business / Tech Pioneers)

The humble electric motor gets a major makeover--and gives green new energy

Proteus Biomedical (Global Business / Tech Pioneers)

The maker of internal sensors wants to monitor your health from the inside out

MorphoSys (Global Business / Tech Pioneers)

An antibody erector set could turn the tide against autoimmune diseases

JiGrahak (Global Business / Tech Pioneers)

Its ngpay platform turns cell phones into shopping malls

Business Books (Also In This Issue)

There is no management tome more loved--or dismissed--than this simple tale of mice and men forced to negotiate a new paradigm. Why is the best seller of all time?