Blue Dog Democrats on the Prowl (The Well / Election Special)

Democrats are poised to pick up House seats in conservative districts that have sent Republicans to Congress for years. How might they pull that off? By not talking about Barack Obama

Living in a World with Less Credit (The Well / Election Special)

The debts Americans have piled up are due. That means a lot less consumer spending and a lot more pain for everyone


Here Be Monsters (The Well / Election Special)

As the vote nears, both sides believe the other party is trying to steal the election. Both are right


The Bradley Effect

Politicos are abuzz over the last hurdle Obama must clear in his path to the presidency


Stage Fight (Theater)

The war in Iraq hasn't made for great movies. But in the theater, conflict breeds creativity


The Comeback Keynes (Election Special)

Once derided, his ideas now dominate D.C.'s crisis tool kit. Not bad for a dead economist


Madagascar Goes Green (Travel)

Ecotourism is helping put this island nation on the map and save its endangered species too

Run for Your Lives (Life / Fit Nation)

Dust off those sneakers. Data from a long-term study show jogging slows the effects of aging


Postcard from Damascus (Postcard: Damascus)

Syria's economic boom provides the luxuries it has long desired, but the country still wrestles with its old demons. The new culture of an ancient city


London Falling (Global Business / Banking)

Fueled by a finance boom, the city was a magnet for money and talent. Now a darker era looms

House Hunters (Global Business / Small Business)

By tallying the nation's foreclosures, a California company defines the housing bust

Business Books (Also In This Issue)

Buying on the brain: using MRIS, a researcher takes a look at what brands we have in mind and why product placement fails. Walking the talk works; the Google chronicles


Closing In on Election Day

On Nov. 4, a record turnout might cause a host of problems. But until then, we have Joe Klein tracking Obama's evolution