The Candidates Stump for National Service (The Well / Cover Story)

When he takes office in January, our next President will surely take steps to help more Americans serve. But you don't have to wait that long to get started writes Richard Stengel

21 Ways to Serve America (User's Guide)

A call goes out with 21 ways you can give back and pay it forward to current and future stewards of the country


What We Can Do

With a special report and by co-hosting a major summit, TIME challenges thinkers and leaders to reimagine national service


The Sarah Show (The Well / Campaign '08)

A front-row view of Sarah Palin's campaign debut reveals why her grip on women voters is likely to last

The Truth About Teen Girls (The Well / Society)

So you think they're having sex too soon and it's the media's fault. It's not that simple


Sarah Palin's Myth of America (Commentary / In the Arena)

Viewpoint: The GOP candidate appeals to nostalgia for a country that no longer exists. It might be a winning strategy

Sarah Palin's Alaskonomics

Viewpoint: The candidate says she's a tough fiscal reformer. But Alaska leads the nation in leeching off Washington

Defeat the Press (Commentary / Tuned In)

Is it a loser's strategy for McCain and Palin to run against the media? Actually, it would be insanity not to



The Central Front (The Well / World)

Pakistan is now the focus of the long war on terrorism. Its new President has a murky past and few democratic credentials. How can this dangerous place be made safe?




Baffled After Seeing (Movies)

Joel and Ethan Coen's follow-up to No Country for Old Men is a flaky spy comedy--or is it?


Awash in Sales (Global Business / Small Business)

Stainless-steel water bottles were a nice niche — until sales exploded. The perils of popularity

Teaching Them to Fish (Global Business / Economic Development)

A Virginia-based NGO hands out free wheat to poor countries, at a price: the businesses have to perform

Business Books

Afraid that the ax is about to fall? How to clean up your act and avoid the chop in a slumping economy. Understanding urgency--or stopping the 24/7 clock