Mandela: His 8 Lessons of Leadership (The Well / Cover Story)

As he celebrates his 90th birthday, the world's greatest moral leader reflects on a lifetime of service — and what the rest of us can learn from it


Nelson Mandela at 90

A look at the life and leadership of the world's great hero. Narrated by TIME's Managing Editor, Rick Stengel


A Leader for the Ages

Through his example and his good works, Nelson Mandela remains an inspiration for young and old around the world


Is Florida the Sunset State? (The Well / Nation)

Beset by a housing crash, environmental chaos and political turmoil, Florida confronts the death of a dream

Cricket, Texas-Style (The Well / Sports Business)

A high roller says cash and splash will make the game play in the U.S.A.

Photos: Cricket 2.0

A Texan tycoon bankrolls a sped-up version of the classic sport, hoping that it can find an audience in the United States

Caught in the Middle (The Well / Campaign '08 | Obama)

Why Obama's centrist shift is turning off his truest believers

Libertarians: A (Not So) Lunatic Fringe (The Well / Campaign '08)

They are antiwar and pro-gun, against the income tax and in favor of legalizing drugs. But the Libertarians' freedom agenda isn't kooky — it's transforming America's political landscape


Divided They Fall

If Hillary's supporters refuse to vote for Obama, her agenda will fade. And a united GOP just might win

A Heartbeat Away (The Awesome Column)

If drafted, he will run. If nominated, he will accept. But to be Vice President, Joel has to get vetted first


Too Little, Too Late. (THE MOMENT: G-8 SUMMIT, JAPAN)

A pledge to cut carbon emissions is less than it seems


The Fire This Time (Postcard From)

Eighteen years ago, TIME contributor Pico Iyer watched a California wildfire destroy his home. Now, he waits to learn whether history repeats itself


The Truth About Plastic (Life / Going Green)

It's in just about everything--which may be harmful to you and the planet. How to shrink your plastic footprint


The Kiddie Cholesterol Debate (Life / Health)

Should cholesterol drugs be given to children? New guidelines have caused a stir among doctors and parents


Post Apocalypse (Life / Nerd World)

The Web needs commenters. But are they ruining the Net faster than they can save it?

The Master Of Memes (The Well / Profile)

"moot" is the founder of 4chan, one of the largest communities on the Web. It's a profane, scary place. It's also the secret wellspring of Internet culture


The Not-Quite Bailout (The Well / The Curious Capitalist)

Congress's housing bill won't stop the foreclosure mess. That doesn't mean it's a bad idea


Theater of the Absurd (Television)

HBO 's Generation Kill captures the Iraq invasion as searing drama and surreal comedy