The Clean Energy Scam (The Well / Cover Story)

Ethanol increases global warming, destroys forests and inflates food prices. So why are we subsidizing it?


Still in It To Win It (The Well / Campaign '08)

Hillary Clinton vows to press on through the summer. But a fight to the convention could damage Democratic hopes for the White House

Exclusive: Clinton Vows to Push On (The Well / TIME Interview)

Hillary Clinton expresses confidence in her chances and in the Democrats' ability to unite once the race is decided

Putting McCain to the Ethics Test (The Well / Campaign '08)

John McCain's political popularity rests on his reputation as a straight-talking, ax-wielding reformer. So how does he explain his own close ties to special-interest lobbyists?

The Ghosts Of Memphis (The Well / History)

On the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, the men who were with him that day recall what they saw--and reflect on America's fitful progress toward realizing King's dream

The Burdens of Martyrdom (Viewpoint)

Viewpoint: Death distorted the true legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Why the turbulence of his life is what matters today


Is Al Gore the Answer? (Commentary / In the Arena)

Both Democratic candidates are bloodied and losing altitude. This April promises to be crueler than most. Here's an unlikely but not totally implausible solution

Dumb Money

The economy is tanking. Too bad the candidates and the reporters who cover them don't know how to talk about it

Fox on the Run (Commentary / Tuned In)

How will the signature news channel of the Bush era steer clear of becoming a lame duck?


Campaign Insider.

An old friend of the Obamas is a reassuring presence on the campaign trail

Patriot Games. (The Moment)

Nobody wins when nations play politics with the Olympics


Postcard: Bhutan (Postcard: Bhutan)

The remote kingdom holds its first-ever elections, sparking concerns about what political change will bring. Balancing democracy with happiness in the Himalayas


Starbucks Looks for a Fresh Jolt (The Well / Profile)

Howard Schultz is back at the helm of the company that turned coffee into an iconic brand. Will his magic work a second time?


Tea's Got a Brand New Bag (Life: Fashion - Living - Food - Fit Nation / Food)

Innovative technology and designs are giving a different shape to teatime

Saline Solutions (Life: Fashion - Living - Food - Fit Nation / Living)

Relaxing in man-made salt caves is the newest way to deal with stress


Eat Your Germs (Life: Fashion - Living - Food - Fit Nation / Fit Nation)

Want to stay healthy? One way may be to get plenty of bacteria in your diet--provided they're the kind found in probiotic foods


R.E.M.: Finding Their Religion (Arts: Music - Books - Culture - Downtime / Music)

After a decade of aimlessness, the once-great band is back with its best album in years

Recession Chic (Life: Fashion - Living - Food - Fit Nation / Fashion)

Mirroring the economy's dour mood, designers go back to black

A Piece of Our Time (Arts: Music - Books - Culture - Downtime / Culture)

The peace symbol is 50 years old and still working. What has made it so durable?

India Ink (Arts: Music - Books - Culture - Downtime / Books)

What to Expect Now (Arts: Music - Books - Culture - Downtime / Books)

After 24 years, the pregnancy bible is reborn

5 Things You Should Know About (Arts: Music - Books - Culture - Downtime / Downtime)

Young soldiers, impressions and furry creatures with funny voices


10 Questions for Joe Torre

He won four World Series managing the New York Yankees. Now he's looking for a title in Tinseltown as the new manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Joe Torre will now take your questions