A Monk's Struggle (Cover Story)

As China cracks down in Tibet, the Dalai Lama faces his greatest challenge since going into exile 49 years ago. Can his message of peace bring his people freedom?


The Dalai Lama at Home

TIME photographer James Nachtwey visit the Tibetan leader at his private residence in exile in Dharamsala, India

A New Tibet

As the modern world and information age crashes down the mountains, the once isolated land struggles to maintain its ancient Buddhist traditions.


Tackling Tibet

As violent protests spread in China, two TIME veterans offer unparalleled insight into the life and mind of Tibet's holiest leader, the Dalai Lama


Chainsaw Diplomacy (The Well / Commentary)

The Iraq war has spelled the end for muscular moralism in U.S. foreign policy. Here's what should replace it

A Voter's Guide to the Economy (The Well / Campaign '08)

With a recession looming, it's Issue No. 1 for the candidates. What will they do to turn things around?


Why Women Need Better Sleep (Life: Living - Travel - Power Of One - Health / Health)

Poor sleep habits make them more vulnerable to heart disease than men


Hung Up on Wallpaper (Life: Living - Travel - Power Of One - Health / Living)

Cutting-edge styles and techniques are giving a dowdy old standby a hip new look

Where the Hospitality Is Priceless (Life: Living - Travel - Power Of One - Health / Travel)

Short on cash? Online travel networks are helping tourists find a place to sleep free of charge

A Village Woman's Legacy (Power of One)

An encounter with the victim of an old scourge gave a former President a new worldview--and a mission


Hoop Dreams. (The Moment)

Each March, the world's most powerful country roots for its underdogs

Campaign Insider.

For Hillary Clinton, an economic adviser who has seen it all before


Postcard: Lake Mead (Postcard: Lake Mead)

The massive man-made reservoir supplies 90% of Las Vegas' water--and it's drying up. The growing Southwest tries to do more while drinking less


Cosmic Flock (The Well / Space)

The solar system is filled with NASA's busy ships--and they're having a very good year


Wheel of Blame (The Well / Blame-o-Meter)

Who should be held accountable for the economic mess we're in?

The Bear Trap (Wall Street)

A collapsing Wall Street bank has to be sold off by the Fed. Why we are facing the biggest money crisis since the Depression


God and Tyler Perry vs. Hollywood (Show Business)

The big studios have sneered at his movies, but the rising media mogul is laughing all the way to the altar and the bank

Founding Fighters (Arts: Show Business - Television - Books - Downtime / Television)

HBO's John Adams looks anew at the start of America--and of the arguments it's still having

The Jihadi Next Door (Arts: Show Business - Television - Books - Downtime / Books)

What turns a law-abiding young man into a terrorist? A forensic psychiatrist offers answers

5 Things You Should Know About (Arts: Show Business - Television - Books - Downtime / Downtime)

Entertainment by way of real estate, diamonds, immigration and autism


The Kitchen Stinks

Composting is part of my marital bargain, but I'm not saving the planet--I'm saving the hippies


Mud Moguls (Global Business: Small Business - Life At The Top / Small Business)

How a tiny Israeli company mined the Dead Sea and turned its natural riches into an international skin-care brand

Full Speed Ahead (Global Business: Small Business - Life At The Top / Life At The Top)

What recession? Why business has never been better for the world's superyacht industry


Building a Better Athlete (Innovators)

If the body is a machine, the best ones need pit crews. Meet the technicians behind the champions

Isokazu Kubota (Innovators)

Inside a block of raw wood, the perfect bat may be hiding. It takes artistry to know how to find it and draw it out

Wouter Jager (Innovators / Building a Better Athlete)

Science and sport create what may be the world's fastest bicycle

Holger Geschwindner (Innovators / Building a Better Athlete)

What do physics and jazz have to do with basketball? Plenty, if you really want to win

Laszlo Kiss (Innovators / Building a Better Athlete)

Hungary's swimmers are becoming global powerhouses, thanks to the talents of one man

Deon Venter (Innovators / Building a Better Athlete)

An athlete needs the right training--and the right genes. A scientist learns how to spot them