The Ghosts Of Haditha (Special Report)

What happened one November morning in a dusty Iraqi town promises to haunt the hearts and minds of liberator and liberated alike

Iraq's Self-Inflicted Wounds (Special Report)

Haditha is focusing attention on civilian deaths at the hands of U.S. troops. But Iraqis have much more to fear from their own

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Senate candidate Jim Webb's campaign will help determine whether Democrats can become a majority party once more


Whose Party Is It Anyway?

The Democrats have a fighting chance to win the House this November, but divisions among party leaders may stand in their way


The Magic of the Family Meal (Eating Smart)

The statistics are clear: kids who dine with the folks are healthier, happier and better students, which is why a dying tradition is coming back

Catering To the Melting Pot (Eating Smart)

Hold the anchovies! Lose the mint! How the hugely successful Cheesecake Factory is diversifying what America eats

The Grass-Fed Revolution (Eating Smart)

Beef raised wholly on pasture, rather than grain-fed in feedlots, may be better for your health--and for the planet

How Sweet It Isn't (Eating Smart)

If artificial sugar is so splendid, why aren't we thin?

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Somewhere between mother's breast and the lunchroom, something has gone very wrong. How to instill good eating habits from the start

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Gregg Rapp knows just how to influence what you order

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Nonstick pots can emit nasty stuff if used incorrectly

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The aisles are filled with a growing number of nutritional options — and packaged doesn't always mean unhealthy. Here are five places to look on your next shopping trip


The Secret Plan of Jack Black (Movies)

Why is the American wild man getting in the ring as a half-Mexican wrestling monk? For the stretchy pants--and to make moviemaking fun