Roberto Cavalli': Printed Matter (Luxury Source: Made In Italy)

He started out silk-screening T shirts in the 1960s, and now Roberto Cavalli's bold and beautiful prints are recognized all over the world

Meet Me at The Mall (How We Shop Now)

Dubai has become a kind of mecca for luxury consumers. And its mega-malls — with everything from designer handbags to life-size dinosaurs — are the focus of the city's newfound shopping frenzy

When the Going Gets Tough ... (How We Shop Now)

In an exclusive TIME online poll, Americans share their shopping habits and reveal their favorite brands

Driving Force: Diego Della Valle (Luxury Source: Made In Italy)

Diego Della Valle took over his family's shoe business in 1978 and with a moccasin steered it into luxury goods. Now he's acquiring new brands--even a soccer team--and he's on a whole new track

High & Mighty (Artifact)

For Salvatore Ferragamo, necessity begat invention, and the wedge was born

Brioni: Measuring Up (Luxury Source: Made In Italy)

What does it take to cut a bespoke suit that even James Bond will love? Only the sharpest tailors at Brioni know

Sales-Floor Secrets (How We Shop Now)

It takes much more than marketing dollars to make a fragrance fly off the shelf. An inside look at the tricks and traditions of the beauty retail business

Passage to India (How We Shop Now)

Jaipur has long been the world capital of colored gems and the craftsmen who cut them. Today it's a haven for jewelry designers, like Marie-Hèlÿne de Taillac, who make it their business to buy the best stones

He's Got Their Numbers (How We Shop Now)

When Marc Jacobs' celebrity devotees pop in, Robert Rich counsels them on what to wear


Spacing Out (Notebook)

Retail designer Ron Pompei on creating the Aha! moment

The A List: Makeup (Notebook)

From eyeliner in Aspen to lipstick in Buenos Aires, a look at best-selling makeup products around the world

Haute Femme (Notebook)

With a decadent spirit of retro eclecticism in the air, the yen for playful baroque design has found a retail outlet


Return Policy (Working It)


California Closets (Navigator)

Jaye Hersh, the mastermind behind Pico Boulevard's celebrity-style hot spot Intuition and the popular site, shares the staples of the good life in Los Angeles

Off Color (Right This Minute)

It's back to a basic palette for designers of fashion and home furnishings

Shine On

From newer pewter to traditional silver and gold, metallic accents give spring accessories a glimmer of nighttime glamour

A Natural Choice

When it came to shopping for a new face, Lancome executives were taken with Daria Werbowy's earthy style. Here she models spring's soft, romantic silhouette in the new neutral palette


Viva Versace (Icon)

The vibrant colors and Art Deco prints embraced by the designer in 1990s Miami are showing up on today's runways


Daniel Nissanoff (Ten Questions for)

The author of FutureShop talks to TIME's Nadia Mustafa about how eBay allows us to get more of what we want, when we want it