Can Iraq Rule Itself?

Amid continuing violence, Iraqis prepare for a crucial election. Here's what it will take for the next government to gain legitimacy--and why the new leaders may demand that the U.S. withdraw

The Way Out

The Pentagon has a new plan for training Iraqis. Will it work?


Rebel in the Ranks

Why is a key Bush ally attacking his Social Security plan, and what does it mean for the rest of the G.O.P.?


Postcards From Titan (Space)

A brief visit by a remarkable probe reveals a Saturnian moon that looks eerily like a place we know well: Earth


Harvard's Crimson Face

The university's blunt president sparks a furor about women. Is he hurting the Ivy's brand?


King James

Lebron James is the latest phenom with the "next Michael" label — and the first who seems likely to earn it


The New Idea Labs (The New Economy / The New Economy)

As more firms send research to India and China, could the U.S. fall behind?

Etiquette Lessons (Time Bonus Section February 2005: Global Business / World Briefing)

The Davos Man (Time Bonus Section February 2005: Global Business / The New Economy)

Does globalization make the world richer or poorer?

Innovation: Tech Pioneers (Time Bonus Section February 2005: Global Business / Innovation)

Sometimes you have to quit what you're doing to pursue your ideas. These scientists took the risk--and it paid off

The Candidate (Cover)

Iyad Allawi says he's the tough leader Iraq needs. Do voters believe him?


The Commission Squeeze

The Internet can make it cheaper to buy a house, but not everyone is putting out the welcome mat

Scambuster Inc.

Barry Minkow, felon, is helping the feds uncover fraudulent financial schemes


Green Party (Music)

How punk popsters Green Day had a midlife crisis and came up with a personal, political, Grammy-nominated rock opera

Books: Moving Beyond Words (Books)

In a very fine debut novel, a man who cannot speak intelligibly tries to connect to a boy in distress


Sipping Sideways (Living / Living)

A film character's passion for wine has viewers seeking out the best Pinot Noir

Folate for Everybody? (Your Health)

Megadoses of the vitamin lower blood pressure in women--and maybe in men


Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Notebook)

Spongebob isn't the first cartoon character to cause a stir over homosexuality

Playing with Fire (Notebook / In The Arena)

Will President Bush's attempt to confront tyranny with utopian bellicosity be the end of the conservative pendulum swing?

That Sundance Cred (Notebook)

Hollywood stars are using the indie festival to establish credibility

Flying Jumbo (Notebook)

Airbus unveils the world's largest passenger plane