Atta's Odyssey (The Conspiracy)

How a shy, well-educated young Egyptian became a suspected ringleader of the Sept. 11 attacks. The mystery begins to unfold in Germany

In Hot Pursuit (Inside The Hunt)

Inside Afghanistan, U.S. special forces search for clues to bin Laden's location--and, TIME reports, gather data for a punishing U.S. strike

Who Gets Your Donation? (Fund Raising)

More than $600 million has poured in, but now comes the hard part--finding the worthiest people



A Clear And Present Danger (America On Guard)

As Americans worry about truck bombs, germ warfare and worse, they wonder: Can our government do anything to stop the next terror attack?

What Comes Next? (Home Front)

Get back to normal? That place may be gone forever. America is heading, slowly, for someplace new...

Osama's Top Brass (Bin Laden)

How bin Laden's hidden inner circle does his dirty work

Following The Money (Who Funds Terror?)

Freeze! How the U.S. plans to attack terror by shutting down its financial supply lines


Faith After The Fall

Newcomers flock to church after the terror. Is this a revival or just a quick hit of community?



Did You Hear About... (Reality Check)

A search for answers and a blizzard of information have made WTC rumors as ubiquitous as flags


Television: What To See (The Arts / Television)

The fall crop of TV series is coming in. Here are some shows worth checking out. And a few not

Cinema: Bad Cop, Good Cop (The Arts / Cinema)

Denzel Washington flashes fire and vicious wit in the hot-wired police drama Training Day

Cinema: An Affair To Forget (The Arts / Cinema)

Boy finds girl. Boy loses girl. They both lose the audience in this too conventional romantic comedy


Family Matters: Not in Our House (Time Bonus Section / Generations)

Oh no? Sleepover has a whole new meaning as parents deal with their kids' sex lives within the confines of home

Certain Charity (Time Bonus Section / Generations)

Former lawyer Cameron Gray gets food to the poor and personally documents delivery for the donors

Turning Points: On a New Kick (Time Bonus Section / Generations)

This soccer legend retired at 34, then returned to the field, and the U.S., to learn the business game