Marc Anthony: Best of Both Worlds (Latin America And The Caribbean / Marc Anthony)

Don't say crossover to Marc Anthony. With a pop album in English and a salsa album in Spanish, he wants it all

Shakira: The Making of a Rocker (Latin America And The Caribbean / Shakira)

Shakira wants you to visit so she can play you her new CD personally. Got a problem with that?

Havana: Hidden Havana (Latin America And The Caribbean / Havana)

The Buena Vista Social Club is yesterday. The streets of Cuba's cities today are moving to a younger rhythm

Max De Castro: Beyond Bossa Nova (Latin America And The Caribbean / Max De Castro)

Max de Castro--samba singer, hip-hopper and visionary--leads Brazil's next wave

Internet Radio: Radio Active (North America / Internet Radio)

Top 40 rules the airwaves, but there's an Internet station for every earthly genre of music. Log on, and listen to the planet

In the Doctor's House (North America / Dr. Dre)

A visit to Dr. Dre's recording studio reveals that he eats, drinks and sleeps rap--and rarely rests

Bjork: The Ice Queen (Europe / Bjork)

On the heels of her new winter-inspired album, Iceland's most famous expat revisits her homeland, its music and, of course, its elves

Rhythmless Nation (Asia / Afghanistan)

The Taliban believes music is wrong. Musicians are paying the price

Africa: Get Up Stand Up (Africa / Rebel Music)

The great Bob Marley once sang rebel music. But where have all the rebel musicians gone?

Best Bands: And Our Winners Are... (North America / Best Bands)

A good band is hard to find. So some of TIME's writers listened to groups from around the world to create a definitive, highly opinionated, probably inflammatory list of the top contemporary acts outs

Diva On Campus (Asia / Utada Hikaru)

Freshman Utada Hikaru hasn't picked a major, but she's launched a career--she's Japan's biggest pop star

Sonic Sitars (Europe / Techno Scene)

Badmarsh & Shri are the new sound of the British underground


Music Goes Global (Introduction)

From Kingston to Cape Town, from New Delhi to New York, musicians are rocking old traditions. Your world will never be the same