Inauguration Hoopla!

A good Inauguration has something for everyone. Pomp, circumstance, demonstrations and parties thrown by big corporations. W. may want to enjoy the festivities now, before that recession shows up



Monkey Business

A tiny primate with a gene from a jellyfish raises scientists' hopes--and some serious ethical questions


Illegal But Fighting For Rights

No longer cowering in the shadows, America's undocumented workers are taking their grievances to court and even joining unions

When Killer Boys Grow Up

Two infamous 10-year-old murderers in Britain have become men. Do they merit new, anonymous lives?

I Surrender, Dear

A controversial new book argues that an acquiescent wife is the key to a happy marriage




Slicing Up The Sky

As TWA dies, American and United bulk up--and so will prices. But there could be benefits too


Television: Survivor 2 Back to Reality (The Arts / Television)

The first Survivor was America's hot summer fling. Can a new version in the Australian outback--and lots of imitators--remake the regular season?

Books: Why Microsoft Crashed (The Arts / Books)

Two new books look at how some of the smartest people on the planet bungled a high-stakes lawsuit

Cinema: What Lurks Beneath (The Arts / Cinema)

In The Pledge, Jack Nicholson plays at being normal while unmasking the dark world around him


Sneaking in Work (Personal Time / Your Family)

A new study suggests it may be helpful to break the divide between work life and home

The Waiting Game (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Apple had a lot of cool new stuff to show off at Macworld, but again the word of the day is delay

Executive Physical (Personal Time / Your Health)

There's a whole battery of new high-tech scans for those who can afford them. Are they worth it?


The Good Works Perk (Time Select / Global Business)

More employers are inspiring loyalty from employees by offering support for efforts at volunteerism

Bearing No Ill Will (Time Select / Global Business)

Employers are finding ways to support and retain the growing number of chronically ailing employees in America's work force

Vinicultural Envoy: David Pearson (Time Select / Americans Abroad)

By calming French fears, David Pearson has prepared the ground for an unprecedented winemaking alliance in the Languedoc

South Korea Wires Up (Time Select / Global Business)

Overnight, the country has gone overboard for the Internet, kicking off a cultural revolution

A Run For The Money (Time Select / Global Business)

International business needs a gateway to Greater China. Hong Kong and Shanghai are involved in a battle to win the designation