Election 2000: This Old House (Election 2000)

Two hundred years after John Adams became the first President to move in, the White House, heavy with history, prepares to welcome America's 43rd Chief Executive

Election 2000: Capitol Hill (Election 2000)

If time doesn't heal all wounds, a Senate seat just might. After a dogged campaign, the First Lady gets a chance to work on a legacy all her own

Election 2000: What It Took (Election 2000)

The winner is still uncertain, but here's the inside story of the key moments that propelled Bush and Gore to a deadlocked Election Day

Election 2000: No Apologies (Election 2000)

Green Party nominee Ralph Nader, the most vilified man in the presidential election, counts no heroes among his critics

Election 2000: Eye Of The Storm (Election 2000)

Florida's 25 electoral votes will decide the next President. But first comes the struggle to decide who should get them

Election 2000: Reversal of... ...Fortune (Election 2000)

For a few moments, each side thought it had captured the presidency, only to lose it again. An inside look at that historic night and the war that has begun

Election 2000: TV Makes A Too-Close Call (Election 2000)

The networks' Florida flip-flops threw election night into chaos and undercut viewer confidence. But the media are still driving the postelection campaign

The Envelope, Please (Election Notebook)

TIME's Campaign 2000 awards honor notable achievements by politicians, their supporters and the local fauna



Seuss On The Loose (Show Business)

The Grinch goes to Hollywood, the Cat and Horton go to Broadway, and now, after their beloved creator's death, his widow goes to market

Treats That Speak Volumes (Books)

Save precious shopping time with our guide to the best reading for kids, cooks and that fussy aunt in Dubuque


Measuring Up (Personal Time / Your Family)

Obesity in young boys is on the rise, and so are eating disorders. Whose fault is that? Try G.I. Joe

Buy The Bust-Ups (Personal Time / Your Money)

Both acquisitions and divestitures are booming. For investors, bigger is almost never better

Play It Again, Lev (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Someday digital video recorders will revolutionize the way you watch television. But not quite yet

'Tis The Season... (Personal Time / Your Health)

Holiday weight gain is something everyone struggles with. Here are some tips to avoid it