Campaign 2000: Is It Over Yet? (Campaign 2000)

Gore. No, wait. Bush. In Central Florida, some voters can't get excited about, or decide on, either guy

Campaign 2000: Gore and Bush: Two Men, Two Visions (Campaign 2000)

Now comes the choice. Each man holds a core belief that invites a case study in who is for real: Bush and his big tax cut? Gore and his populist battle cry? We look at how they decided where to make a

Campaign 2000: How They Run The Show (Campaign 2000)

They both want the White House, but would run it very differently. Bush puts staff in place, then just gets the lay of the land. Gore sifts every grain



Are Statins Right for You? (Medicine)

They're great at lowering cholesterol levels and have saved the lives of countless heart patients. Now doctors consider whether to expand their use


Blacks Need Not Apply (Race)

An incident in Georgia shows how little has changed among segregated college sororities

Beyond the Pom-Poms (Living)

It's no longer just a wholesome way to hang with hunky quarterbacks. Cheerleading is serious business




Ma Bell Calls It Splits

Its bundling strategy a dud, a financially battered AT&T decides to divide itself into four companies

Blood in the Boardroom

More CEOs are being sacked than ever before, undone by antsy investors and impatient directors

Instantly Growing Up

If they'd only listened to the kids. Business has discovered instant messaging in a big way


Learning More, Earlier (Education Special Report: Voter's Guide)

What the candidates would do for preschoolers

How to Lure Teachers? (Education Special Report: Voter's Guide)

Gore says that he'd spend more to boost their pay, Bush that he'd cut through the bureaucracy


Mothers In Prison

Record numbers of mothers and pregnant women are filling our prisons. Should their children be punished along with them?


Cinema: Buddy, Caddie, Guru (The Arts / Cinema)

Fairway of Dreams? Nah, golf drama The Legend of Bagger Vance is stuck in a sand trap of mysticism

Ideas: The Phantom of Utopia (The Arts / Ideas)

Geniuses, crackpots and dictators through the ages have pursued the delusion of human perfectibility

The Naked Chef (The Arts / Short Takes)

Food Network, Saturdays, 9:30 p.m. (E.T.)


Teens: A Primer (Personal Time / Your Family)

Forget how it feels to be their age? Let them refresh your memory. But don't interrupt

Sell These Stocks (Personal Time / Your Money)

Well, lower your expectations, anyway. AT&T and GE are taking opposite routes to Dullsville

Portable Portraits (Personal Time / Your Technology)

My friend lives 3,000 miles away, but Kodak's Smart Picture Frame makes her feel close again

Dangerous Seats? (Personal Time / Your Health)

Crammed into airline economy class, you may be risking blood clots. Here's what you can do