The Great Disconnect

While Washington obsesses about the President's trial, Emporia, Kansas--and the rest of the country--are busy with more important matters

In Silent Testimony (Crime)

Was a Connecticut third-grader murdered because he was the star witness in an upcoming trial?

Playground Predators?

The high court considers whether schools should be liable when students sexually harass their peers


Spies Like Us

The Internet is changing the world's most dangerous game


Splitting Bulls (Sport)

How the NBA champion Chicago Bulls fell apart within days of Michael Jordan's retirement

War of the Diapers (Family)

A parenting guru claims we've been doing potty training all wrong

A Tale Of Two Bills (Technology)

The world's most powerful man and the richest have little in common--except the binds they're now in



The Promise of Verticality (The Arts/Books)

An eerie, powerful first novel frames a vivid metaphor for freedom--racial and otherwise

Cries and Whispers (The Arts/Cinema)

Private Confessions reveals an Old Master in top form and his star actress in full radiance

The Scene Stealers (The Arts/Show Business)

Dazzlingly inventive, cleverly passionate, the smart new movie Shakespeare in Love taps some of Britain's showiest talent

Seamy and Steamy (The Arts/Theater)

Fosse makes Broadway dance the way it used to

Glamorama (The Arts/Short Takes)

By Bret Easton Ellis

Americana (The Arts/Short Takes/Music)

The Offspring

Far East (The Arts/Short Takes/Theater)

A.R. Gurney


The Euro Risk (TIME Select/Finance)

A unified currency in Europe may spell more and different problems for the Continent--and the U.S.

Able To Work (Time Select/Business)

Spurred by the Americans with Disabilities Act, more firms take on those ready, willing and


Radical Surgery (Personal Time/Your Health)

A study shows that cutting off your breasts will reduce your cancer risk. But few should do it

Intel or Yahoo? (Personal Time/Your Money)

Some like their tech stocks with proven earnings; some with torrid growth. Me? I want both

Out of Africa (Personal Time/Your Technology)

A remarkable new CD-ROM delivers a vivid, multimedia encyclopedia about black people


The Balkans (Notebook/The Scoop)

Will Melting Snow Bring A Hot War to Kosovo?

Theater (Notebook/The Scoop)

Depending on the Cast, The Show Must Not Go On