Time's Person of the Year: You (Person of the Year)

In 2006, the World Wide Web became a tool for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people and making them matter

Citizens of the New Digital Democracy (Person of the Year)

You control the media now and the world will never be the same. Meet 15 of the web generation's movers and shakers

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  • YouTube
    2006 was the year of the YouTube generation
Photo Essay
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The Gurus of YouTube (Person of the Year)

How a couple of regular guys built a company that changed the way we see ourselves

Essay: Andy Was Right (Person of the Year)

The stars of Web 2.0 are descendants of Warhol. But there's not much family resemblance

But Enough About You ... (Person of the Year)

We've made the media more democratic, but at what cost to our democracy?

It's All About Us (Person of the Year)

Amateurs are filling the vacuum created by everything the old media chose to ignore

Web Boom 2.0 (Person of the Year)

Dotcoms are hot again. But this bubble is different from the last one. Here's how

15 Who Had Their 15 Minutes of Fame (Person of the Year)

Look, it's not all their fault—some of them were just born—but here are the folks for whom there will almost surely never be another year like 2006

Making Mischief on the Web (Person of the Year)

There's no shortage of people playing dirty tricks, or just being plain annoying, online. Here's a taxonomy to help you sort them out

The Real War (Story of the Year)

What led to so many post-9/11 fumbles? A group of intrepid authors gives us answers

My So-Called Second Life (Person of the Year)

Joel Stein steps into the virtual world and finds a lot of sex—and a guide named Cristal

Beware the Online Collective (Person of the Year)

Web guru Jaron Lanier worries that, in the world of the Web, individual creativity is being replaced by dangerous groupthink