Dogged Pursuit (Cover Story)

First sheep, now a dog—what next? How a lab in South Korea perfected a cloning technique that is likely to transform medical research around the world


America's 5 Best Governors

When it comes to raw political talent, there's not a Bill Clinton in this group. But these are the rainy days. And charisma doesn't keep you dry. A roof does. Meet the hardest-working carpenters


10 Questions For Ahmad Chalabi

He was criticized for presenting dubious sources on Saddam Hussein's weapons and accused of giving U.S. secrets to Iran. But Ahmad Chalabi, 61, is back in favor. Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister spent last week in the U.S. visiting with the likes of Condoleezza Rice and Stephen Hadley. He spoke by phone with TIME's Brian Bennett from a State Department-escorted limo.