Worst Ideas Of 2004 (People)

Sure, they seemed like the right thing to do in the moment — like that fourth drink on New Year's Eve. But now it's clear: these are some of the year's most dubious judgment calls

People Who Mattered 2004 (People Who Mattered 2004)

Two truth seekers, a First Lady and her son, Presidents (and wannabes), a marrying mayor and five housewives — all are part of our gallery of those who made a difference. Oh, and just for fun, a horse (of course)

One Last Goodbye (People Who Mattered/Milestones)

Last goodbyes to a former President, an acting titan, a TV captain and more


Rise of the Tall Buildings (Arts/Architecture)

It used to be that the only way to build a skyscraper was up. But now the tall building is being totally reimagined and taken in some very unusual directions. Look out below


The Year of Obesity (Your Time/Health)

Our perennial interest in losing weight became a national obsession in 2004

Happy New Gear! (Your Time/Lifestyle)

A forecast of the hot trends, gizmos and DVDs of early 2005