The Enemy With Many Faces

Driven by jihadis loyal to al-Zarqawi, the insurgency in Iraq is becoming more confident—and more deadly. But splits in the rebels' ranks are beginning to show


Saving the Smart Kids (Society/Education)

Are schools leaving the most gifted children behind if they don't allow them to skip ahead?

Six Flags over Islam (Society/Religion)

Controversy erupted when Muslims went looking for fun, but the event was a moment of harmony


Sick of Hospital Bills

Helped by two whistle-blowers, the lawyer who beat Big Tobacco is on a new crusade — to fight what clinics charge the uninsured


Into the Eye Of Ivan (Nation/Weather)

As a savage hurricane zeroes in on the Gulf Coast, a TIME reporter flies through the center of the storm



The Reign of Roth (Arts/Books)

An American master continues his millennial hot streak with an alternative history in which President Charles Lindbergh leads America into fascism

Visions From the East (Arts/Fashion)

Four young Asian designers steal the spotlight at New York's big fashion show

Caught in Double-Cross Fire (Arts/Movies)

The good cop — bad cop scenario is given a dizzying, dazzling twist in Hong Kong's Infernal Affairs


Teen Suicide Pills? (Your Time/Health)

An FDA panel calls for tough labels on antidepressants. What it means for you

Recipe for a Classic (Your Time/Lifestyle)

A venerable cooking magazine creates a book that is encyclopedic yet enticing

Weird and Wonderful (Your Time/Technology)

A kooky cast of new characters will keep you hooked on The Sims 2


Meet the Bronx Boys (TIME Bonus Section October 2004: Generations)

Fifteen New York City kids, the subject of a lauded documentary, have stayed in touch for more than 65 years

Ask Francine (TIME Bonus Section October 2004: Generations)

Yearly Checkups (TIME Bonus Section October 2004: Generations)

Most medical experts now think they may not be necessary

Scotch Island (TIME Bonus Section October 2004: Generations)

A tour of Islay offers dramatic scenery and some of Scotland's best whisky

Living Recovery (TIME Bonus Section October 2004: Generations)

A man who knew the founder of A.A. has had a 70year quest to help other problem drinkers

New Branches (TIME Bonus Section October 2004: Generations)

How grandparents are coming to terms with grandchildren raised in a different religion

A Passion For Fashion (TIME Bonus Section October 2004: Generations)

Style maven Elsa Klensch sets out the dos and don'ts of mature dressing