A Test of Kerry's Faith (Nation/Election 2004)

The candidate's policies are at odds with church canon. Will there be a price to pay?


Just Too Loud (Health)

Car alarms! Boom boxes! Leaf blowers! If the noise isn't making you crazy, it may be making you sick


Against the Tide (Innovators/Water: Forging The Future/The Plumbing Professor)

Easy to take for granted, impossible to live without. For these four, nothing is more precious than water


Lord Of The Swings

It's hard not to like A-Rod, baseball's best, best-paid and most diplomatic player. Except that he's a Yankee


Suicide Watch (Your Time/Health/Paging Dr. Gupta)

The FDA calls for stronger warnings on antidepressant drugs. Don't panic yet

Save for Your Health (Your Time/Money)

A new tax-free account helps you hedge against soaring medical costs


Inside Hamas (World/The Middle East)

The Palestinian group known for suicide bombings suffered a jolt last week when Israel assassinated its spiritual leader. But its power is based on an enduring, secretive network. A TIME exclusive


All the Right Questions

Discussion groups based on the teachings of Socrates are reviving the art of conversation


Storm Warnings Ahead (Arts/Books)

In Red Sky at Morning, the ultimate insider offers a devastating critique of global environmental efforts

The Princess Paradox

Hollywood's newest Cinderella stories seek to inject some feminist messages into the age-old fantasy. But can you really wear your tiara while spurning it too?

Different Moods of Indigo (Arts/Music)

New CDs from Aerosmith and Eric Clapton show that the blues can hit where you least expect them

This Old Money Gusher (Arts/Television)

As Americans swoon over rising property values, new real estate shows celebrate home sweet jackpot



Big Brother Inc. (TIME Bonus Section May 2004: Inside Business/Technology)

The biometric technologies now tracking our borders may soon pop up in some cool consumer gadgets

Full-Court Stress (TIME Bonus Section May 2004: Inside Business/Management)

Forget Xs and Os. How do coaches cope when their jobs are on the line?

Riding Global Growth (TIME Bonus Section May 2004: Inside Business/Investing)

Don't fret about the jobs lag at home. Our panel sees solid gains led by China shaping a classic economic recovery

Under the Small Top (TIME Bonus Section May 2004: Inside Business/Strategy)

To expand sales, Ringling Bros. is taking a two-elephant circus to towns it hasn't visited in decades