Fields of Jihad (World/Iraq)

The capture of a top terrorist in the Kurdish highlands may have exposed al-Qaeda's aspirations in Iraq—and has fired up the hunt for the group's regional commander




Moving Too Fast?

China is producing more goods than it can consume. Will they swamp the world?

Going Up?

As Greenspan prepares us for higher rates, here's how to play the markets

Growing, At Last

But is the economic recovery sustainable? TIME's expert panel weighs the risks


How Well Did He Serve?

Bush said he reported for duty in Alabama, but even with the new documents, the evidence is thin. TIME looks at four key questions

Bring On The Cash! (Nation/'04 Campaign)

While Bush and Kerry spar publicly, the real contest is happening behind the scenes as both sides figure out new ways to raise funds. Money still talks loudest for the G.O.P., but the Dems are getting better at finding their voice


Paging Dr. Fatkins? (Health)

In the low-carb vs. low-fat war, the late guru's health becomes Exhibit A. Did his diet help do him in?


Cloning Gets Closer

How a team cloned human cells to fight disease — and why that's revolutionary


Sympathy For the Devil (Arts/Books)

The Epicure's Lament is a dazzling, daring novel about the sufferings of a totally insufferable man

Worth 1,000 Words? (Arts/Books)

Two new titles join the burgeoning genre of novels about the edifying and (mostly) sexy world of art

The School of Cool (Arts/Fashion)

With his thrift-store style and sexy silhouettes, Marc Jacobs has become American fashion's go-to guy


Cuddle with Care (Your Time/Health)

Forget about bird flu or SARS — you're much more likely to get sick from a pet

Taxed by Surprise (Your Time/Money)

The AMT is socking the middle class. How you can try to avoid the blow

Prints in Just a Snap (Your Time/Technology)

New machines make it fast and easy to produce great pictures at home