Can We Afford All This?

The $400 billion Medicare benefit is the latest in a string of pricey outlays — and Congress's spending spree is not over. Does it matter, and does anybody care?

It Flies! (History)

100 years ago this month, the Wright brothers got the aerial age off the ground. Here's how:


Why Bush Stays Away (Essay)

During wartime, a President cannot take on the role of Mourner in Chief


Dashing Diversification

Roc-A-Fella's Damon Dash conquered rap. Now, without partner Jay-Z, he wants to prove he's no one-note CEO

Realty Rumble

Web brokers say the real estate industry is trying to lock them out, but customers keep knocking


Inside "The Wire"

Security breaches. Suicidal detainees. A legal challenge heading to the Supreme Court. Welcome to Guantanamo

The Politics of War

Whisked in secret to Iraq, Bush serves holiday dinner to the troops—boosting G.I. morale and showing he can still pull off a killer photo-op

Losing Hearts And Minds

Unmoved by Bush's visit, Iraqis blame the U.S. for civilian deaths, missing detainees and razed homes



Jack of Hearts (Movies)

In his new film, the King of Cads falls for an oldish woman. It's a fantasy

Found in Translation (Movies)

Tom Cruise leaves the American frontier for the exquisite ways of old Japan in The Last Samurai

Cruel Yule (Movies)

St. Nick is nefarious in a very unjolly Bad Santa

The Princess of Queens (Music)

Alicia Keys' first CD sent her into the stratosphere. But for her second, she refuses to put on any airs

Heaven on Earth (Television)

In the dazzling HBO mini-series Angels in America, the politics and crises of the '80s feel close to home


Practice, Practice (Your Time: Health)

Experienced surgeons do a better job. Check on yours before your operation

The Real Fund Rip-Off (Your Time/Money)

Mutual-fund scandals grab headlines, but the bigger bite is heavy-duty fees

Tomorrow's Kitchen (Your Time/Tech)

One family test-drives a cutting-edge room full of really smart appliances