Dell Wants Your Home

The No. 1 computer maker is expanding into consumer electronics. Is this the American Sony?


Can You Sing Om? (Society)

Western practitioners are putting a new spin on the call-and-response yogic chant known as kirtan

How to Heal a Hypochondriac (Health)

Despite what most physicians think, these patients really are sick — and they can often be cured

Inside the Food Labs

A tantalizing tour of the secretive kitchens where culinary scientists fine-tune the flavors, architecture and, yes, "mouth feel" of tomorrow's hit foods


Tween Eye for Design (TIME Bonus Section October 2003: Connections)

Kids and teens are having their say in decorating, and delighted retailers are racing to oblige

Calling It Off (TIME Bonus Section October 2003: Connections)

Never mind about J. Lo and Ben. Why are so many engaged couples walking away from the big "I do"?

School Daze (TIME Bonus Section October 2003: Connections)

When kids don't get enough sleep, bad things happen in class. How to get a handle on bedtime


No-Call: On Hold (Notebook)

The national do-not-call list hits a snag in court




Lessons in the Key Of PG (Arts/Movies)

In The School of Rock, three of the hippest indie film princes make a perfect commercial comedy

America's Town Square (Arts/Books)

Rockefeller Center is one of the world's most elegant places. How it got that way wasn't pretty

Life Beyond The Far Side (Books)

Nearly nine years after his abrupt retirement, Gary Larson puts out a collection of his seminal comics

Loaded Gun, Empty Heart (Arts/Television)

In the snappy, sexy, engaging Karen Sisco, a U.S. marshal gets bad guys and looks for one good one

She'll Make You Love Her (Arts/Television)

In the delightful Miss Match, Alicia Silverstone is a single-minded romantic meddler. Just try to resist

Theater of the Unnerved (Arts/Theater)

Two years later, post-9/11 plays are proliferating. But why are so many of them missing the mark?

Thunderbolts of Ecstasy (Art)

Four hundred years later, the works of El Greco — the Greek who triumphed in Spain — can still jolt us


Ethnic Makeovers (Your Time/Health)

As more nonwhites get cosmetic surgery, one nose no longer fits all

Money Can't Buy It (Your Time/Money)

Happiness, that is. But a few simple tricks can ease your financial worries

A Perfect Marriage? (Your Time/Technology)

Your TiVo and DVD are about to merge. Here's what to expect