Could it Happen Again?

A bipartisan inquiry into 9/11 finds intelligence failures that might have been avoided. Two years later, what has been fixed and what is still broken?


As for the Wife ...

Fresh details are beginning to emerge about the whereabouts of Saddam's wives and daughters

Who Will Stop the Killing?

With Bush's credibility on the line, American troops head toward Liberia. But are they ready to assert their power?

And Then There Was One

An informant's tip leads U.S. forces to the Hussein brothers. Now the focus is on Saddam



Happier Trails (Your Time/Lifestyle)

Mountain biking is a rugged, risky sport. Improved gear is making it safer

Hurricane Warning (Your Time/Money)

Insurers quietly added deductibles in coastal areas. Better check your policy


10 Questions for Ted Kennedy (Notebook)

After more than 40 years in the Senate, Ted Kennedy, 71, is still the icon of American liberalism. Yet he has also been at the center of recent attempts to bridge the party divide over issues ranging from education to prescription-drug benefits. TIME's Matthew Cooper talked to him about the art of compromise, as well as his famous family.

A Rose Without Thorns? (Television)

On her new reality series, Roseanne Barr wants very much to become nice — and a TV star again



Drug dealers are planting pot farms all over our national parks, and the Park Service is struggling to root them out. TIME goes on a raid

Downloader Dragnet (Technology)

The industry issues hundreds of subpoenas seeking the names of music pirates. Is yours among them?


The New Deal Steed

Seabiscuit is the sentimental, but not mawkish, story of the no-hope horse who gave everyone hope

Arts: The View From Abroad

Jerry Springer--The Opera, Bush satires, a Whitney exhibit and 11 short films show how jaundiced the world view of the U.S. is