Who Lost the WMD?

As the weapons hunt intensifies, so does the finger pointing. A preview of the coming battle

The War That Never Ends (Iraq/Occupation)

As each day passes in Iraq, more coalition soldiers die. How much of the killing is organized, and can the U.S. stop it?

A Yea For Gays

The Supreme Court scraps sodomy laws, setting off a hot debate

Bush's Brigadier of Bucks

How Jack Oliver, a little-known 34-year-old from Missouri, is managing the most formidable cash machine in American political history


The IRS Takes on Saddam's Kin

TIME exclusive: Under interrogation, the dictator's half brother and financial mastermind, Barzan Tikriti, speaks out against the regime he served and gives U.S. investigators leads on where to find what may be billions of dollars in assets he helped hide


Doing Business in a Box

Many donors to USAgain think they're giving to the poor, but the firm sells the clothes that it collects


Bzzzz ... Slap!

Hot weather is mosquito weather, and this summer ought to bring a storm of the bugs-carrying a nasty virus with them


Ladies Who Lunge (Movies)

Two big chick-flick sequels want to tell us about empowerment. But only one knows what to say

Beyond Nashville's Limits (Television)

With fare like country docu Lost Highway, cable channel Trio builds buzz by catering to critics

Trading Faces (Television)

With a snip here and a nip there, makeover shows tap into the belief that changing how you look can change who you are


A Ritual for All Ages (Religion)

Once marginal, adult Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are enriching the more liberal branches of Judaism

What a Way to Go (Living)

Death-defying rites are making funerals more personal and — dare we say it? — more fun



More Than Just Olive Oil (Your Time/Health)

The benefits of Mediterranean diets are real, but you can't drizzle them on

Looking For a Bounce (Your Time/Money)

Wall Street is flogging preferred stocks. Be careful what you buy

Express Divorce

Splitting up can be faster and cheaper online, but is it the right way for you?