Daniel Kadlec's guide to investment winners and losers under Bush's proposal

The "Invisible Man" (Viewpoint)

Why Bayard Rustin is the unknown hero of the civil rights movement

5 Rules to Run By

You say you want to join the Democratic pack and test the waters for 2004? Here are the dos and don'ts of challenging a popular incumbent

Dead Men Walking

In an extraordinary last act, Illinois' Governor grants clemency to everyone on the state's death row




The Chavez Distraction

Uh-oh. Venezuela's political chaos cuts off vital oil to the U.S. and puts a crimp in Bush's war plans


No Place Like Home (Time In Depth)

All it takes sometimes is a sudden rent hike to push a working family into a shelter

The Real Face Of Homelessness (Time In Depth)

More than ever, it is mothers with kids who are ending up on the streets. Bush has a plan, but will it help?


Adventures in the Everyday (Books)

The hero of Nicholson Baker's delightful new novel embraces life without ever leaving his armchair

Attack of the Killer B-List (Television)

With reality's stars encroaching on the world of celebrity, faded celebrities decide to get real

Toy Boy (Books)

Author David Kirk weaves a children's empire with his swarm of big-eyed bugs


Who Gets the Stuff? (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Estate Planning)

Even when there's a will, the heirs may squabble over the estate. A few simple steps ahead of time can head off conflict

Patching It Up (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Relationships)

Now that we're older, it's time to enjoy the benefits of mending old feuds with friends and family members

Strokes of Luck (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Turning Points)

The Broadway director-producer's life was shaped by good fortune — and bad


Back to the Future (Your Time)

At the Consumer Electronics Show, gadgets try hard to be fun and useful

Dog Bytes (Internet)

Nick Park's Wallace and Gromit conquer the Web

Stopping the Chapping (Your Time/Technology Health Money Fitness Food Trends)

Winter can be tough on our lips. Here are tips for keeping them healthy

Viagra Turns 5 (Your Time)

Early safety concerns proved baseless, and now the competition is heating up