How To Balance A Budget

States are in crisis. They will have to cut services, raise taxes and try a few tricks. Here's what to expect


A Twist of the Arm

Pushing Saudi Arabia to up its antiterrorism efforts, the U.S. is telling Riyadh it's next on al-Qaeda'a list

The New Realities of Terror

A hotel bombing in Kenya, a missile attack on an Israeli civilian jet—this is how terrorists are rewriting the rules of engagement

Inside The Bali Plot (World/The Unending War)

A TIME inquiry unearths the roots of the bombings and shows how the masterminds remain at large


Look, Ma, No Stains

New techno-clothes let a man be a mess without looking like one. Will shoppers buy slob chic?


Sweep Up That Paper! (TIME Inside Business/Health Care)

A small start-up helps big firms save on employee health insurance by taking bids over the Internet

Profit in Parody (TIME Inside Business/Office Humor)

In today's workplace, cynicism sells big

Cellular's New Camouflage (Time Inside Business/Environment)

As wireless towers spread, so do their guises — including 50-ft. cacti

Thrown for a Loop (Time Inside Business/Telecom)

In the name of competition, the Baby Bells say, they're forced to subsidize their rivals


Shania Reigns (Music)

Shania Twain aims to sell more records than anyone in history — and she just may

Spike Adapts (Arts/Movies)

In his quirky new film, Adaptation, director Spike Jonze grows up, but he's still playing mind games

Mighty Medici (Art)

The rulers of Renaissance Florence were legendary patrons of art. A splendid show surveys their legacy


Fish Oil and Toenails (Your Time/Technology Health Money Fitness Food Trends)

Eating fish is good for hearts. Mercury may be bad. Which matters more?

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Not Due (Your Time/Technology Health Money Fitness Food Trends)

The big identity-theft bust last week was just a taste of what's to come. Here's how to protect your good name

Tie This On for Size (Your Time/Technology Health Money Fitness Food Trends/ Style Watch Essentials)


Cameras? Jury's Still Out

Filming deliberations for television could be a great display of democracy — or a gross distortion of justice