Losing Control?

The U.S. concedes it has lost momentum in Afghanistan, while its enemies grow bolder



Where Did Everyone Go?

Firms are laying off workers even as business revives. That boosts profits — at the cost of morale


Driving By Wire (Coolest Inventions)

The car of the future looks something like this:

Best Of Tech (Buyer's Guide)

Gadget shopping can be a drag. Those endless lists of features, those acronym-spewing salesclerks. To make it all much easier, we've scoured the major product categories and selected the best at three price points: inexpensive, moderate and expensive. This year, take our advice before you take to the stores

Click Smart (Web Shopping Guide)

Yes, the Web bubble burst, but just the hot air is gone. Lots of e-tailers are thriving, and making online shopping easier and safer than ever. Here is a smorgasbord of websites, gift ideas and practical tips to get you on your way. Happy surfing!

Why Did She Do It? (Behavior)

Something drove Winona Ryder to steal so flagrantly, but even she may not know what it is


Lost in the Big Blue

Audrey Mestre was a star of the extreme sport of "no limits" free diving. But then she went too far


The Man With The Golden Run (Movies)

Film's biggest franchise celebrates 40 years with Die Another Day. Behind the scenes with Brosnan's Bond and his sexy foil, Halle Berry

Back From The Edge (Movies)

After troubled times and some forgettable films, Dennis Quaid is hot again

A Thoroughly Modern Man (Arts/Photography)

Charles Sheeler made new-style pictures for a new world. A choice exhibit in Boston shows them off

After Rage, Harmony (Music)

The best parts of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine unite on an album that rocks, gently

Fuhrman Agonistes (Television)

In Murder in Greenwich, the O.J. pariah takes on crime among the rich, with himself as the hero

The Professor of Love (Books)

A new biography of psychologist Harry Harlow reveals how he put the heart at the center of things

All the Wounded Gods (Books)

John Updike's new novel is a rich reflection on the American painters who conquered the world


Good Buddy, Bad Mom (TIME Bonus Section/Families/Child Rearing)

Does a difference in parenting styles have to break up a friendship?

Please, Let Me In! (TIME Bonus Section /Families/Learning Corner)

Behind-the-scenes tips on how college admissions officers choose students

Taking A Team Approach (TIME Bonus Section/Families/Siblings)

It's healthier for everyone when the whole family pitches in to care for an ailing parent

An Extra-Special Relation (TIME Bonus Section/Families/Stepparents)

Even if your father and stepmother split, you and she can still stay in touch


Do Vaccines Cause Autism? (Personal Time/Your Health)

Many parents believe they do. But a large Danish study, the most rigorous so far, found no link

The Fed Cuts Both Ways (Personal Time/Your Money)

Low interest rates are great for borrowers. Savers must get creative to earn a decent return. Here's how