Assisted Suicide?

In Baghdad, notorious extremist Abu Nidal meets a violent, mysterious end — one worthy of his life

Casting Stones

The Koran says nothing about stoning. Why is this mother facing death?

Iraq & al-Qaeda: Is There a Link?

The go-to-war camp would love to prove that Saddam Hussein is doing business with Osama bin Laden. They talk up suspicions, but no one's got proof


Making Money Off Deadbeat Dads

Private collection agencies are going after delinquent parents who owe child support. But do the companies benefit kids — or themselves?


MOSTLY MARTHA (The Arts/Short Takes/Movies)

Directed by Sandra Nettelbeck

SECRET BALLOT (The Arts/Short Takes/Movies)

Directed by Babak Payami

Back In Business (The Arts/Television)

Next month the Sopranos gives some bada-bing to a too-safe fall TV season. We've got a sneak peek

To the Lighthouse (The Arts/Design)

What should a church look like today? One bold answer: Rafael Moneo's L.A. cathedral

Watch Your Mouth, Adam (The Arts/Music)

Philadelphia rapper Eve is funny and highly skilled but has an ego the size of the Liberty Bell


Serving Up Some Attitude (Courtside: Lleyton Hewitt)

On and off the court with No. 1-ranked tennis star Lleyton Hewitt, whose fans think his talent and personality can help save the men's game


In Gear

Heads Up on Retro Helmets

When the Young Take Their Lives (Personal Time/Your Health)

Suicide among college students is up. How do you spot a kid at risk — and what should you do?


Where Everyone's a Minority

Welcome to Sacramento, America's most integrated city. What's life like in this melting pot, and why is there still racial tension?


It's an Ad, Ad, Ad World

As conventional methods lose their punch, more marketers are going undercover to reach consumers


Ralph Lauren: A Bronx Cowboy In Europe? (TIME Global Business/Global Briefing)

The fashion designer is betting $1 billion that Continentals will buy the same Gatsby-rancher fantasies that Americans love

Buy the Basket (TIME Global Business)

Exchange-traded funds are hot for good reason. They let you invest cheaply in diverse groups of stocks and bonds

Global Briefing (TIME Global Business/Global Briefing)

Camera phones. Europe's newfound love of SUVs

Good Listener (TIME Global Business/Innovators)

Dimitri Kanevsky is deaf, yet his software helps computers hear and transcribe human speech

Korea Gets It (TIME Global Business/Technology)

Why I-phones are a hit there after failing elsewhere

Savvy Sailing (TIME Global Business/The Global Life)

Clever skippers earn certificates that let them rent boats all over the world

World Beaters (TIME Global Business/World Beaters)

A British dotcom survivor. The queen of Corona beer. A Soros.