Firing on the Fourth (Airport Security)

In Los Angeles, a man kills two people at an El Al ticket counter. It's monstrous. But is it terrorism?


French Fiasco

Following Messier's fall at Vivendi, investors ask, Are Big Media companies better off broken up?


They Call Him Crazy

Rodney Yoder may be one of the nation's most dangerous mental patients. So why is there a movement to free him?


The Sky's The Limit (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Women Executives)

Women execs have taken over top jobs at major airlines, helping them shift focus from hardware to customer service

A Jobless Recovery? (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Forecast)

TIME's Board of Economists predicts slow job growth but no return to recession

Who Owns Pooh? (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Tech Rules)

Disney fights in court over digital rights to a "silly old bear" as new technology casts doubt on old contracts


Let's Do Lunch — Really! (Essay)

After Michael Ovitz's complaint to Vanity Fair about a Hollywood conspiracy, we sneak a peek at his diary


Door To Door (The Arts/Short Takes/Television)

TNT, July 14, 8 p.m. E.T.

Up For Grabs (The Arts/Short Takes/Theater)

By David Williamson

To Be A Snob Or Not To Be (The Arts/Books)

Joseph Epstein's wry and erudite Snobbery suggests that Americans can get awfully snooty

Writing The Waves (The Arts/Books)

Pull up a beach, me hearties, and settle in to the best of this summer's true tales of the high seas


Should Anyone Take Hormones? (Personal Time/Your Health)

A new study raises disturbing questions about the safety of hormone-replacement therapy

Have We Got a Deal for You (Personal Time/Your Money)

You can save a lot if you're willing to buy a car model that is being discontinued or redesigned