Musharraf on the Spot

For Pakistan's general turned dictator, the Kashmir crisis with India is the biggest test yet

The Technocrat of Steel

Despite attempts on his life, President-elect Uribe says he will crush Colombia's leftist rebels


Pumping Up Your Past (Behavior)

High-profile scandals expose a growing problem: more and more employees are fibbing to get the job


Grownup Kidd

An inspired and reformed Jason Kidd leads the once hapless New Jersey Nets to their first finals


High Tech Evolves (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Board Of Technologists)

More businesses are studying biology to solve complex management and computing problems

Back Door to L.A. (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Airlines)

Long Beach used to be a flyover city. Now airlines are fighting for the right to land

Cheaper Tickets (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Airlines) is accused of undercutting rivals

Play Hard, Fly Right (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Airlines)

Speed-loving CEO Gordon Bethune tells how he's piloting Continental Airlines through stormy skies

Surviving The Revolt (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Management)

Want to shake things up? Expect fierce resistance. And read this book

Ministers Of Finance (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Money Management)

More churches are teaching money management. But is the Rev. Jesse Jackson the right pitchman?

The Ad Zappers (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Television)

Video recorders like TiVo, at first slow to catch on, are shaking up the TV business


Capitol Grudge Match

As they prepare for the November elections, Tom Daschle and Trent Lott slug it out over intelligence failures — and control of the Senate


Young & Jobless

With youth unemployment at 12%, this year's graduates have to be flexible about their futures


New Cops On The Beat (The Arts/Television)

As the networks clone CSI and Law & Order, two innovative cable cop shows are playing by their own set of rules

The Pity of War (The Arts/Books)

Bob Kerrey's moving memoir of lost innocence

Trial and Terror (The Arts/Books)

Legal eagle Stephen Carter pens a sinister tale of a jilted judge

Windtalkers: Too Breezy (The Arts/Movies)

John Woo's new World War II movie about Navajo code talkers sacrifices history for chemistry

O Brother's Wise Father (The Arts/Music)

How the tall, taciturn T Bone Burnett taught the music industry a lesson. And here comes Chapter 2

Dirt Music (The Arts/Short Takes/Books)

By Tim Winton

Boston 24/7 (The Arts/Short Takes/Television)

ABC, June 4-7, 11 and 12, 10 p.m. E.T.


12 Steps for E-Mail Addicts (Personal Time/Your Technology)

Can't stop working your messages? Experts say it may be as addictive as gambling. Here's how to quit