Peace Is at Hand

The Nixon daughters, feuding over their father's library, finally patch things up

Whipping up a Fight

House whips Pelosi and Delay, battling each other for control of congress, turn out to be two of a kind


Untangling Jenin's Tale

For both Israelis and Palestinians, a deadly battle in a West Bank refugee camp has become a potent symbol of their struggle. What really happened? A TIME investigation


Send in the Roborats (Science)

Radio-controlled rodents could go places that St. Bernards can't. But that's not why they're important


Taming the Teen Queen Bee (Personal Time/Your Family)

Girls can be vicious to one another. Mothers of both victims and perpetrators can ease the sting

Getting Static on Internet Radio (Personal Time/Your Technology)

What's not to love about 10,000 stations offering music in every genre? Let us count the problems



The Matrix Reloads (The Arts/Show Business)

It's high kicks, high tech and high concepts, as we peek inside the two Matrix sequels now shooting Down Under

What Women Watch (The Arts/Show Business)

The Lifetime network is a ratings hit, while sister stations WE and Oxygen seem out of breath

Deconstructing Woody (The Arts/Cinema)

The aging auteur's new film, Hollywood Ending, shows that comedy only gets harder as you get older

Romancing the Stone Age (The Arts/Books)

After 12 years, Jean Auel carves out another sequel to her best-selling saga The Clan of the Cave Bear

Unplugged and Unglued (The Arts/Music)

Lauryn Hill's second album is an emotional roller coaster, but the highs aren't worth the lows

Truth and Its Consequences (The Arts/Television)

In HBO's cathartic Telling Nicholas, a family faces giving a Sept. 11 victim's son the worst news of all


Parental Aid (TIME Bonus Section/Families/Family Finances)

Moms and dads to the rescue of this year's grads

Listen, Spot (TIME Bonus Section/Families/Learning Corner)

A therapy dog can be a shy young reader's best friend

When God Is Cool (TIME Bonus Section/Families)

Children, especially teenagers, are hungry for faith. And they're finding it in very new places

Mommy Talks Back (TIME Bonus Section/Families/Motherhood)

A new flock of mother memoirs go straight for the rough stuff

Dads and Daughters (TIME Bonus Section/Families/Parenting)

Strengthening this special relationship can strengthen a girl's self-esteem too