Deporting The INS

Granting visas for terrorists after 9/11 could be the last gaffe for the Immigration Service


On The Mop-Up Patrol

Traveling with U.S. special forces, a TIME journalist lands in the middle of a fire fight

Bibi's back

Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu re-emerges to campaign against Arafat and Sharon


Samsung Moves Upmarket

Once a maker of cheapo gadgets, the Korean giant is churning out cutting-edge stuff that's cool to own


Knights & Knaves (Sport)

Will chess go the way of the WWF? This Russian kingpin sure hopes so

RAs of the World, Unite! (Education)

Dorm monitors at Umass-Amherst vote to become America's first unionized undergraduate group

Sex, Drinks and Videotape (Scene)

Can't find love the old-fashioned way? At one new bar, high-tech hookups are just a phone call away


Toxic Trade? (Global Business/Environment)

A Canadian chemical firm says California's pollution controls violate NAFTA rules

Mission: Intelligence (Global Business/Sleuths In Suits)

Since Sept. 11, executives are demanding better information about security risks--and about threats to their competitive edge

Spies Like Us (Global Business/Sleuths In Suits)

Creating a competitive-intelligence shop is easier than you might think

Typing on Cloth (Global Business/The Global Life)

Logitech unveils a new fold-up fabric keyboard that it hopes will get you


Inside the Oscar Wars (The Arts/Show Business)

Covert ops. Big bucks. Malice aforethought. And Russell Crowe. The Oscar campaign is so dirty, it could make a great movie

Ice Age (The Arts/Short Takes/Movies)

Directed by Chris Wedge

The Court ABC (The Arts/Short Takes/Television)

Tuesdays, 10 p.m. E.T.

The Crucible (The Arts/Short Takes/Theater)

Directed by Richard Eyre

Oscar by the Numbers (The Arts/Show Business)

Hollywood lives by stats. Or, rather, $tats: weekend grosses, Tom Hanks' take-home pay, Tom Cruise's divorce settlement. Here are our own

Baby, It's Dark Outside (The Arts/Theater)

Sweet Smell of Success is a pale shadow of the noir classic it's based on. Here's what went wrong

Rocking the Cradle (The Arts/Books)

A novel by two former New York City nannies dishes the dirt on how the wealthy rear their young

Twisted Sister (The Arts/Books)

A delectable novel about a not-so-delightful family

The Rules of Engagement (The Arts/Movies)

Two bright, unconventional romantic comedies find modern love in some surprising places

Sidekick on the Loose! (The Arts/Television)

Andy Richter walked away from one of the best gigs in late night. Now he's master of the Universe