Speak No Evil

Andrew Fastow built a reputation as Enron's financial wizard. Though he's refusing to testify, it's clear he was in over his head

The Lessons Of Afghanistan

BUSH AND RUMSFELD promised to transform the U.S. military into a faster, more lethal force. But critics say their new $2 trillion, five-year spending plan is full of expensive, outmoded cold war hardware. The Administration seems to be ignoring...

The Trail Out Of Texas

How Bush and Lay got cozy in the Lone Star State--and what each man got out of the relationship


Good Mourning, America (Winter Olympics)

The U.S. wants to be a good host, really. But we're in our place right now


This Bud's Not For You (Society)

Not if you want to get high, anyway. But if hemp isn't a drug, why is the DEA treating it like heroin?

Smile--You're On Botox! (Lifestyle)

A new "miracle drug," soon to win FDA approval, removes frowns, cares and maybe your personality

The Prodigal Princess (Appreciation)

Margaret was the first Diana, always struggling to play by her own rules


Will Milosevic Get His?

He refuses to accept it, but he is in the dock at last, accused of crimes far worse than bin Laden's

The Reluctant Terrorist?

A profile is emerging of the man Pakistan believes seized Daniel Pearl. This wasn't his first kidnapping

Time For Hardball?

President Bush prepares to visit a Japan whose limp economy could pull the rest of the world down too


Why a Civilization Declined (The Arts/Books)

An eminent scholar looks behind today's terrorism to find the roots of Islam's humiliating fall

Music For The Pre-Ironic (The Arts/Music)

Warning: the Wiggles may be singing and dancing their way into the heart of a toddler near you

When Words Collide (The Arts/Music)

A rock megastar's third release doesn't quite rock, but she may have a second career as a therapist


A Lust For Life (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Health)

How Kirk Douglas won his struggle to overcome a stroke

Boomer Rags (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Publishing)

New magazines target the feisty 50-plus--but not too plus--generation

That Old Feeling (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Romance)

Remember your first love? People are seeking out their teen heartthrobs and rekindling the spark

Ice Dreams (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Turning Points)

The noted fashion designer tells what she gained from failing to be an Olympic skater


The Chemistry of Love (Personal Time/Your Health)

Do pheromones and smelly T shirts really have the power to trigger sexual attraction? Here's a primer

Give Us Our Dividends (Personal Time/Your Money)

Technology companies like Microsoft and Cisco are piling up cash. Shouldn't they pay some of it out to shareholders?

Toys That Twist and Shout (Personal Time/Your Technology)

Gadgets that help children make beautiful music are in at this year's Toy Fair; here's how to be the next Britney