Can Al-Qaeda Find A New Nest? (Investigations/Terrorism)

To do their worst, terrorists need a sanctuary. The next order of battle is to deny them one

Now, the Legal War (Investigations/The Home Front)

The feds indict their first 9/11 suspect and are hot on the trail of other alleged al-Qaeda operatives

Only in Their Dreams (Viewpoint)

Why is the "Arab street" silent? Because a radical Muslim fantasy has met reality


Comfort Food in Toyland

With families hunkering down, sales of classic toys have surged--a bright spot in a bleak retail season


Lord of the Ring (The Arts/Cinema)

Muhammad Ali and Will Smith turn the champ's life into a movie as stirring--and complex--as the man

When Beauty Was Virtue (The Arts/Art)

The great Italian Renaissance portraits of women were dream images. But truthful likenesses? No

The Renegade Gourmet (The Arts/Show Business)

Kitchen Confidential author Anthony Bourdain is back with a new book and a Food Network show


B2B Survivors (Global Business/E-Commerce)

A few smart firms are transforming themselves into brokers, auctioneers and software designers

Biotech Grows Up (Global Business/Technology)

This young industry is revolutionizing the business of drug discovery and is turning out real products and profits

Private Islands (Global Business/The Global Life)

They're much more popular--and pricier--since Sept. 11


Arafat's Dance Of Death

With the Palestinian leader's own men joining in terror attacks, it's not clear which side he is on


Rx: Not for the Elderly (Personal Time/Your Health)

A million American senior citizens each year take drugs they should probably never be given. What to watch for

A New Kind of Layoff Insurance (Personal Time/Your Money)

Do you have the savings to weather months without a job? If not, here's how to use your home as a lifeline

'Tis the Season to Be Thrifty (Personal Time/Your Technology)

Even Santa has his helpers. So why not let comparison-shopping sites save you time and money this year?

In Brief (Personal Time/Your Technology)