The Taliban Next Door (The American Taliban/The Prisoner)

At 16, John Walker was a quiet California kid. At 20, he was a Taliban warrior. How did he get from Marin County to Mazar-i-Sharif?

The Nuke Pipeline (The Next Big Threat?/TIME In Depth)

The trade in nuclear contraband is approaching critical mass. Can we turn off the spigot?



In Defense Of Denial (First Person)

A noted journalist, given a diagnosis of Parkinson's, makes the case for kidding yourself about bad news

TIME 100

What's The Big Idea? (TIME 100: The Next Wave/Innovators/Thinkers)

Who's coming up with the new ideas that will change the world? TIME looks at seven men and women with innovative thoughts on terrorism, God and beauty



After a savage spasm of terror, Sharon and Arafat face off in a cold test of wills

Radicals On The Rise

The militant Islamic group Hamas enjoys a boost in popularity as it goes about its business of slaughtering Israelis


Soaking Up Attention (The Arts/Television)

SpongeBob SquarePants, indomitable invertebrate, floats to the top of the sea of kids' programming

Soldiers On The Screen (The Arts/Cinema)

An unsparing portrait of men under fire, Black Hawk Down is an unforgettable film

Rock At The Top (The Arts/Music)

Creed's Weathered blows past Britney on the charts

The Joy Of Color (The Arts/Art)

Long in Seurat's shadow, Paul Signac was a terrific painter in his own right


Sleepless In America (Personal Time/Your Health)

A new pill can keep you alert on even a few hours of sleep--but it's not for everyone. What you need to know

Have We Got A Car Deal For You! (Personal Time/Your Money)

Shoppers confront a dizzying variety of ways to buy a car. Here's how to find the best plan for your needs

All I Want For Christmas... (Personal Time/Your Technology)

Why should kids have all the fun? Online wish lists can be a blast, as long as you send them to the right people

In Brief (Personal Time/Your Technology)