Mission To Europe

President Bush tours the Continent, tries to persuade angry allies that he's not a troglodyte and searches for the soul of Vladimir Putin


Who Killed Woolly? (Science)

New studies suggest that Stone Age hunters may have driven dozens of huge creatures to extinction


Rank And Fire

Attrition isn't working, so best-to-worst grading is gaining--and those on the bottom get the boot

TIME 100


Torn Apart

The intifadeh was supposed to free the Palestinians from Israeli occupation, but instead it is shattering a society already plagued with fissures


Changing Time (The Arts/Books)

A revealing look at the early career of Bob Dylan

The Newest Jazz Singer (The Arts/Music)

Jane Monheit has good looks, a great voice and the best sidemen around. So what's wrong with that?

This Plug's For You (The Arts/Television)

Thanks to ever more stealthy product placements, ads are becoming the latest stars of the show


Herbal Warning (Personal Time/Your Health)

Does echinacea, ginkgo biloba or St. John's wort belong in your food? The FDA says no. Here's why

Your College Cash (Personal Time/Your Money)

Section 529 plans offer tax-free growth and are the clear choice for tuition-wary parents


Ain't They Grand! (TIME Bonus Section/Generations)

Once exclusive domains of the privileged, America's grande-dame resort hotels are refreshed and reopen to a broader clientele

Luxury For Free (TIME Bonus Section/Generations)

How I parlayed my airline, hotel and credit-card points into a totally first-class trip to Italy--and how you can too

Risky Business (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Turning Points)

How a book helped a housewife jump-start a pioneering career as a comic