RX For Nosebleed Prices

Washington goes after drug companies and their tricks that keep generic remedies out of the hands of cost-conscious consumers


Power Struggle

Bush takes the heat for an energy policy that's warm to oil and cool to conservation


Can Gays Switch Sides? (Behavior)

An inflammatory report rekindles old arguments about whether homosexuality is a matter of choice

Scourge Of The Playground (Living)

It's dodge ball, believe it or not. More schools are banning the childhood game, saying it's too violent

To Pet Or Not To Pet? (Living)

More tourists are getting up close and personal with dolphins. But the stress for the animals can be fatal

The Battle of Seattle (Technology)

An exclusive preview of the game consoles being readied by Nintendo and Microsoft

Ah, the Blue Smell of It! (Science)

Synesthetes who mix up their senses and the scholars who study them cross paths to compare notes


When Parents Drop Out (TIME Education Special/Education Special Report)

Too many harried moms and dads have been playing hooky, but schools are luring them back

Schools That Stretch (TIME Education Special/Schools Of The Year)

We searched America for educational pioneers. They have one trait in common: great expectations



Books (The Arts/Short Takes/Books)

Cinema (The Arts/Short Takes/Cinema)

Music (The Arts/Short Takes/Music)

R.E.M. (The Arts/Music)

The group's gone electronic. The singer's gone Hollywood. Is this the band's end? Nah, it's a new beginning

Monstrously Good (The Arts/Cinema)

The hero's an ogre and the princess can be almost as gross in the delightfully fractured fairy tale Shrek

In Cold Blood, Part 2 (The Arts/Hollywood)

Hollywood has another murder mystery as police hunt the killer of a former TV star's vilified wife


Betting the Ranch (TIME Bonus Section/Generations)

Since that's just what many Americans don't want to do, long-term-care insurance may be the next big issue for boomers

A Matter of Medium (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Turning Point)

Writer Jules Feiffer recalls the forces that redirected his career


Close Encounters (Personal Time/Your Family)

Is it wrong to buck the trend and have kids back to back? And if you do it anyway, can you cope?

Can The Juice! (Personal Time/Your Health)

If your kids drink too much sweet stuff, they will miss essential nutrients--and put on pounds

Don't Cash Out (Personal Time/Your Money)

Pink slipped? Ouch. Avoid taking the money from your 401(k). It's tempting but too taxing

Control Freak (Personal Time/Your Technology)

Can one little universal remote tame a whole houseful of gadgets and gizmos? Mine can

In Brief (Personal Time/Your Technology)