The Long Way Home

In the rubble of the government's case against nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee, no one looks good. Why did the prosecution turn into such a fiasco?

Profiles In Outrage

America is home, but Asian Americans sometimes feel treated as outlanders with unproven loyalties

Little Ricky Gets Rough (Nation/The Race For The Senate)

Hillary's mild rival tries a surprise attack, but it may be turning women off

Throwing The Game (Big Money & Politics/Who Gets Hurt?/Third in a series of investigative reports on campaign finance)

Why Congress isn't closing a loophole that fosters gambling on college sports--and corrupts them


A Big Splash In Sydney (The Summer Olympics)

The Games have begun, bubbling to life with a spectacular showing by the home team and home city

His name Is Aurora (Behavior)

When a boy is raised as a girl, an Ohio suburb is suddenly in the throes of transgender politics

Liz Outs Self! (Sorta!) (Press)

An autobiography from the gossip queen serves up a lot of memories but not nearly enough dish


The World According To Gore (The Arts/Show Business)

A new novel concludes the old provocateur's rewrite of U.S. history, and a revived play keeps his political thrusts fresh

Biff! Bam! Boom! (The Arts/Books)

A super novel about the Golden Age of comic-book heroes and the moxie of the men who created them

Four Play (The Arts/Books)

More tales about sex and the city but a lot less witty

Orphans Of The Holocaust (The Arts/Cinema)

The heartrending story of 10,000 young emigres is finally told in an extraordinary documentary

Inner Visions (The Arts/Music)

A teen pop vocalist rediscovers her Latin side

Places In The Heart (The Arts/Music)

On his new CD, jazz pianist Brad Mehldau takes listeners on a global tour of his world-class talent

Pointe, Counterpoint (The Arts/Television)

Darren Star and Aaron Spelling once collaborated. Now their new shows have them on opposing sides


Over A Barrel

Fed up with soaring gas prices, Europeans revolt, blockading their own supplies


The Good Bad News (Time Select/Global Business/TIME Board of Economists)

Business is "absolutely" slowing, says TIME's board--but only to a prosperous pace that can hold for perhaps the next decade

Thailand's Big Cheese (Time Select/Americans Abroad)

After making a fortune in the Asian pizza business, Yankee-born entrepreneur Bill Heinecke is throwing pies at a U.S. food giant

A Gem Of A New Strategy (Time Select/Global Business)

After a 60-year effort to hoard every diamond on Earth, De Beers decides to open the market and clean up its act

Cleanup Time (Time Select/Global Business)

A lot of European tax havens are under increasing international pressure to change rules that foster money laundering

Discordant Themes (Time Select/Global Business)

World-class exhibitions are failing this year on a world- class scale, while a Volkswagen park is a surprise hit. Why?

Play Of The Day (Time Select/Global Business)

Fostering employee loyalty in a tight labor market, companies are offering workers personal coaches as a tool to help them thrive

Where Sci-Fi Meets The Net (Time Select/Global Business)

British author Douglas Adams has sold millions of books about an intergalactic travel guide. Now he's building a terrestrial model

What's The Difference? (TIME Select/Global Business)

The boom would keep bubbling under either Gore's or Bush's program, say TIME's economists, even if neither one is ideal

Hooray For R. and D. (Time Select/Politics and Small Business)

It's time to make a popular and effective tax credit permanent


The Nit Detector (Personal Time/Your Family)

When your child brings lice home from school, act quickly--and don't forget to nitpick

Seize The Moment (Personal Time/Your Health)

Seizures are scary--and serious. New guidelines suggest what to do when your child has one

Playing It Slow (Personal Time/Your Money)

The economy's cooling, so bonds are hot. But hold your stocks--unless you see a recession

10-4, Good Buddy (Personal Time/Your Technology)

With no monthly or per-call charges, two-way radios can be handy alternatives to cell phones

In Brief (Personal Time/Your Technology)