Carving Up Gates

What the proposed split of Microsoft means for the company, its rivals, the market--and you

The Raid In Replay

As Elian settles in with Dad, both sides argue over four key questions

The Food-Stamp G.I.?

Politicians love to rail about our poor, hungry soldiers. The truth, as usual, is more complicated


Shield Of Dreams

G.O.P. hawks and the Pentagon want to build a missile-defense system. But will it trigger a new cold war?

An Invasion of Paradise

How a mass abduction at an exclusive resort played into jungle warfare across a pirate-filled sea

Parched Earth

Politics and drought plunge the vast Horn of Africa into catastrophe, threatening mass famine once again


Bubble-Free (Medicine)

French doctors score a gene-therapy triumph


Video Playground (Personal Time/Your Family)

New studies link violent video games to violent behavior. So

Giuliani's Choices (Personal Time/Your Health)

New York City's mayor has several options for his prostate cancer. The odds for a cure are good

A Legal Beating (Personal Time/Your Money)

Microsoft is a tobacco stock--not. So use its courtroom woes to pick up shares cheap

PCs? Forget 'Em! (Personal Time/Your Technology)

Handheld computers are the hottest thing going these days. So which one should you buy?

In Brief (Personal Time/Your Technology)


The Empire Strikes Back (The Arts/Cinema)

Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott breathe vibrant new life into the Roman-history film

Geppetto (The Arts/Short Takes/Television)

ABC, May 7

Blue Collar No More (Fashion)

They're versatile, stylish and flying off the racks. The lowly T shirt enjoys a high-fashion moment

The Unremovable Stain (The Arts/Authors)

Philip Roth's new book offers a bleak look beneath the surface of a self-satisfied nation

Study in Living Colors (The Arts/Books)

In the engaging Half a Heart, Rosellen Brown reunites a mother with the daughter she gave up

Portrait of the Young Diva (The Arts/Music)

Mya was a star before she was an adult. On her latest album, she's looking to take more control

Chatting with the Enemy (The Arts/Online)

Katherine Tarbox logged on to America Online looking for a friend. Instead, she met a pedophile

Voices from Laramie (The Arts/Theater)

A troupe of actors became reporters to create a unique play about the killing of Matthew Shepard

Tiny Epics (The Arts/Video Games)

Shogun: Total War puts Kurosawa on your PC


Latin America Logs On (Time Select/Global Business)

In just a couple of years, the sprawling region has become the Internet world's next big thing

Creature Comforts (Time Select/Global Business)

For business travelers who appreciate the fine things, a growing list of understated bastions of elegance define downtown luxury

Germany's Glass Ceiling (Time Select/Global Business)

Women managers are still rare in corporate Germany, but they are chipping away at the prevailing culture of old-boy preferment

Get Rich Quick! (Time Select/Global Business)

Europe's executives are finally following the lead of their U.S. counterparts and making a bundle on stock-option bonuses

Shaking up the Beeb (Time Select/Global Business)

A new director-general at the venerable British Broadcasting Corp. vows to slash bureaucracy and foster creativity

The Tale Of Two Cities (Time Select/Global Business)

Beijing and Shanghai are on a cultural spending spree to decide which metropolis will be the cultural capital of the new China

To Work We Go (Time Select/Global Business)

New people--immigrants, mothers, the old and the young--are entering the labor force and keeping the U.S. economy humming

Pocketbook Issues (Time Select/Politics and Small Business)

The 2000 election brings some of small business's biggest issues to the forefront--from affordable health care to dotcom taxes