TIME has compiled a list of our best graphics relating to the war with Iraq. Click on the link to view each graphic.

On Assignment: War in Iraq 
TIME's photographers document the conflict

On the Trail of Saddam 
Burying the Iraqi regime in a Baghdad neighborhood

Tools of the Hunt 
The search for weapons of mass destruction

Inside the Secret World 
Snapshots of Uday Hussein found in his abandoned palace

After Saddam 
Who will step in to fill the void?

Pictures of the Week 
April 5 - 11

Saddam Falls 
Celebrations ensue as U.S. troops move into Baghdad

Into Baghdad 
U.S. troops enter the Iraqi capital

Inside Baghdad 
A look at the modern sprawling urban center

Tank Buster 
A key new bomb never before used in combat

Who's Running the Show? 
Men who would wield power in an Iraq without Saddam

Taking the Airport 
U.S. forces take control of a key site

AH-64D Apache Longbow 
The Army's primary ground attack helicopter

A10 Thunderbolt II 
A TIME interactive look at the "Warthog"

Urban Warriors 
U.S. soldiers are trained for a possible city battle

The Push for Baghdad 
U.S. forces close in on the Iraqi capital

Saddam's Forces 
Paramilitaries and guerrillas working for Hussein

Lethal Weapons 
Protecting the troops from Iraq's toxic options

American opinion on the war

Anti-war Cry 
Around the world, people raise their voices in protest

At Close Range 
An intimate look at the real work of war

Weapons of War 
The U.S. complement of air power

The Road Back to Baghdad 
Events between the wars

The Allied Ground Forces 
A guide to U.S. and British ground units

U.S. strikes focus on Saddam's presidential complex

Saddam's Inner Circle 
Top guns of a dying regime

Cartoons of the Week 
March 15-21

Pictures of the Week 
March 15-21: War on Iraq

The World Reacts 
Reactions to the U.S. attack on Iraq

First Strike 
The U.S. hits Baghdad

On Assignment: Life in Iraq 
The daily reality of life in Iraq

A Family At War 
A military family prepares for war

By the Numbers 
Percentage of military women and army marriages

Strike Force 
Find out where U.S. and British troops are positioned

How the War Might be Waged 
A front-loaded invasion — and quick Iraqi surrender

U.S. Troops at Saddam's Door 
A view from the front lines

The Inner Clique 
Prominent Iraqi figures who are close to Saddam Hussein

The Iraqi Region
A look at the country's people and history

The Missile Front 
Iraq's arsenal and U.S. defenses

America's Anxious Allies 
Many opinions about going to war

Return to Iraq 
U.S. forces could be ready to fight in short order

Choosing Sides 
Countries with a stake in the conflict

Inspectors' Gadgets 
Tools to examine Saddam's arsenal
Middle East: Nations and their response to Iraq

Wargames: Military Plans

Iraq: The post-Gulf War arsenal

Map: Mounting an attack

Graphic: Iraq's military then and now