Cassini-Huygens Web Guide

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MISSION CONTROL: Jet Propulsion Laboratory Director Charles Elachi, center, monitors Cassini's entry into Saturn's orbit


A complete and in-depth site about the Cassini orbiter and Huygens probe. Updated daily, it includes an overview of NASA's mission in launching Cassini, the construction of the actual orbiter, as well as interactive multimedia and activities for kids. The site also has an image gallery, complete with an Image of the Day.

The Planetary Society
This amazingly detailed site devoted to the Cassini-Huygen mission allows visitors to explore all aspects about the orbiter and probe. Follow the Saturn Orbit insertion with live NASA TV coverage, view the latest images of Saturn's moons or read archived articles from The Planetary Report.

European Space Agency
In addition to the basic information about the Cassini Orbiter, the Huygens Probe, and its launch, the European Space Agency's site includes a 3D model of the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft, videos and a detailed account of the Cassini-Huygens' mission objectives.

CICLOPS: Cassini Imagining Central Laboratory For Operations
View special release close-up images of Saturn's ring after Cassini slipped into the planet's orbit.

Cassini's Voyage
Experience the Cassini voyage from the beginning with BBC's short, informative flash animation and a small image of the spacecraft with labeled key parts.


Exploring Saturn
With its half-dozen sensitive instruments, the Huygens probe is designed to study the atmosphere and surface of Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Read explanations of each separate instrument here.


General information about the planet being probed and photographed by the Cassini-Huygens. With statistics, animation, and view of the planet as well as historical background about Saturn's rings.

Welcome to the Planets: Saturn
A trove of Saturn photographs. View Saturn up-close or in the shadows or enjoy pictures of its many moons.

Exploring Saturn
More information about Saturn and its moons. Includes descriptions of each rotating satellite, as well as the years of their discovery.


Kid Cosmos
With its concise and easy-to-understand explanations of the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft, this site is geared towards both science-loving kids as well as those interested in this landmark in space exploration.

Kids' Astronomy
General information about Saturn, its moons and rings, written for the younger generation.


Saturn Educator Guide
A detailed lesson plan for teaching students about the Cassini-Huygens mission. Also includes fun activities like Saturn puzzles and poetry.

Scale Model Saturn
Aimed at grades 4 through 8, this site provides steps for making a model Saturn as well as suggestions for teaching the activity.

The Universe in the Classroom
Contains basic information about the spacecraft's journey to Saturn, its history and objectives. Also includes tools for educators who would like to teach their students about the exploration. From NASA's presentations and slide sets to the gingerbread Cassini model, there is something available for every grade.